Friday, December 28, 2007

A Wonderful Celebration!!

Well, it was quite the three day celebration of Christmas. I have really enjoyed the trhee days of celebration, as it was wonderful to be spending precious time with the family, as I have felt that I was neglecting everyone while I was working and working on my Master's. Now I just have to catch up with friends, but that is easier said then done, with the "busyness" of the season!.

Chrismtas Eve:

I spent Chrismtas Eve with Andrei and his family! It was the four of us, and we all enjoyed a Hungarian Meal. Cabbage Rolls, Lamb, Potatoes, and some delicious desserts. We ate dinner later in the evening, sang some Hungarian Christmas songs (I listened), opened presents, and went off to bed. I received a very comfy pair of slippers from Andrei's Mom and Dad and a bathrobe. From Andrei, I received a pair of softball mitts, so that we can play catch together at Reeve Park, once the spring hits, and we had talked about doing this together last summer. Andrei loved his Canucks Shirt, and the tickets that I got for the game. We are looking forward to the game in February.

Christmas Day

We were up early, and we headed to the Hungarian church for the Christmas Service. The service was all in Hungarian, but I was happy to say that I actually understood three words from the 1hr and 10 minute service. After the service we headed to my Mom and Dad's house for the Sanderson Christmas. It was quite the present fest let me tell you, I am always overwhelmed by the generosity of my family. We really do enjoy giving the gifts. Some of the highlight gifts included a Portable GPS system, a cuttlebug,celebrations cricut cartriage, and many more other little gifts. I enjoyed them all and I had a lot of fun putting the scrapbooking supplies to good use today. We enjoyed a lovely turkey dinner cooked by my Mom and my sister.

Boxing Day;
Boxing Day was the Mulschlegel Family Christmas celelbration! My Mom's side. Mom had the celebration at her house. So she cooked another turkey for the 26th. Mom was exhausted by the time today rolled around. Two turkey dinners in two days, she is dedicated! Wow! It was another fun evening. I was spoiled with more gifts. My highlight gifts of the night were the Crop-O-Dile, a towel from Hawaii, and some Herbal Therapy Hand Lotion. It was quite surprising to receive the little extra gifts. I used my crop-o-dile today lots, and it is better than I even thought it would be. My aunt went to a lot of trouble to find it, but it is great to have this tool, as I have set an eyelet since I moved into my own place because of the noise involved. BUt, this isn't a problem anymore!

We had a session of the turkey baseters! This year we decorated turkey basters and had song books to jazz up the event. It was a lot of fun! We have such great laughs as a family! Everyone participated as well too! It was a lot of fun.

I was very fortunate to spend the holidays with family, as I know not everyone has the opportunity to do this! Or choses to for that matter! But, I enjoyed every moment!

Sunday, December 23, 2007

Ready For The Season!

Well, I have my house all decorated, and all my shopping is done. I got my hair cut and nails done, and have wrapped all the presents, so I am all ready for the holidays. Once it arrives it comes so close.

I had a very busy work week at school. I decided to do something a little different for my class holiday party. After attending a Pro D day last year, I chose to do a breakfast party. The students loved it we put the desks together, with red table clothes, and the students set the table. It looked like a little restaurant. The students loved it. It was fun!

I received my marks from my last two assignments that I handed in at the end of the term, and I did VERY well. I am pretty excited. I thought it was going to be extremely hard, but it is managable. It is making sure that I can keep up with family, work, and friend commitments that gets me into the most difficulty. I registered for my second class already. I am looking forward to it being on a Thursday night rather than a Monday. I always felt so frazzled on for the rest of the wek, when I couldn't get prepared for the week.

I have a busy three days ahead of me spending time with family. Christmas Eve is with Andrei and his family. Christmas Day church with Andrei's Family and then Brunch and Dinner with the Sanderson Christmas. Then Boxing Day at my Mom and Dad's again for the Mulschlegel family Christmas. I am looking forward to all the celbrations, and we are planning on bringing out the Turkey Baster group for singing. I will make sure I post some pictures of our celebrations after the events.

May you all have a very Merry Christmas and I hope that you enjoy the time you spend with your family and treasure it.

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Phew! Done at Last!

Well, it is December and it is been quite awhile since my last post. It isn't that I didn't want to post about what I was doing, it is just that I have been super busy! Everything fell all at once! But, I just took everything a day at a time, and I am here to write about it, so that must mean that I survived. I handed in my final design project yesterday! I am very excited about it because I have incorporated my work on the district research team into my project, and I am all planned for my science unit in January. I hope the students get just as excited about it as I already am.

I am currently sitting here with Julie as she proofreads my report cards. They are all done, and I will just have to make the corrections tomorrow at work, and then I can hand those in for proofreading. It is hard assigning letter grades because this is the first report card that the students will ever get, and it will be a surprise for a lot of them what they do actually get. They all think that they will be getting A's and B's.

I am looking forward to picking up my Mom and Dad on Thursday, as they are flying in from Arizona for Christmas. I think they are going to be in for a rude awakening when they realize the temperature here.

I plan on getting in the Christmas spirit with my work Christmas party on Friday at a restaurant close to work. It is a German restaurant. I am not thrilled at the location because they don't have a lot of food choices that I enjoy. What is good about it is that I will get to catch up with collegues.

Lot's of Christmas Shopping, decorating, and card writing. But this weekend I hope to get most of it done!

Sunday, October 28, 2007

Busy, Busy, Busy! October Recap

Well, it has been a busy couple of weeks since my last post. I survied the Master's class project. It really wasn't that big of a deal in hindsight, but of course we were keeners hoping to get it all done and looking sharp. I have attached some pictures of the event. Then there was Thanksgiving weekend. Mom made a delicious turkey dinner. This Thanksgiving was Andrei's first with all of us, and he fit in just perfectly. Turkey dinner was fantastic! Dinno, Lisa, Oma, Grandpa, and Grandma, all joined us as well. It was a fun evening. The following weekend was a baby shower for a girl I work with Riki. She had admired the paperbag album that I made for myself of my Arizona Trip so I thought that it would be fun to make a little baby brag book for her. She hasn't had her baby yet, so the challenge was making it gender neutral. But, I think I have managed this. I came on on Friday Night from school 9:00 and worked on the Album until 1;00 am in the morning. I had fun making it, and I miss working on projects. But, Julie and I have been making Scrap Dates every Friday night here at my house. She comes for dinner, and we usually watch a movie and scrap at my dining room table until the wee hours of the morning. We have been working on our Alaska photos. However, it is amazing how long ago that seems now, but it is fun to do the scrapbook because we are reliving the trip together and laughing at all our fun memories. Lots of homework to do, but this weekend I got caught up with housework, work stuff, and homework as Andrei is working night shifts this weekend. However, I did manage to go see Dan in Real Life it was a funny movie, a bit over the top in places but a good chick flick.

Looking forward to Halloween this week, as I have my costume all ready to go to for work. But, I will have homework this week, so not too sure if I will be able to have any Halloween festivities in the evening.


Sunday, October 07, 2007

Marathon Friday!

Wow, was I ever exhausted on Friday night. I left work at the usual time around 7z;45, and didn't arrive home until 10:00p.m on Friday night. It was a very very busy day. The best part of the day was the fact that it was Pyjamma day, so I didn't have to worry about what to wear in the morning. However, I did have to bring clothes to change in for later.

I met with some other New West Teacher's, and we celebrated World Teacher's Day at the River''s Reach Pub in New Westminster. I finally got caught up with my friend Julia. I hadn't talk to her since July, and I haven't seen her since May I think. I almost didn't recognizer her. Unfortunately, she didn't see me at my most relaxed state, as I was tired and rushing off to meet Pam to work on our Master's assignment.

I arrived at Pam's at 5:30. Her place was a little difficult to find, but I got there no problem. We worked on our project unitl 9:30. However, it is all complete now. It is amazing that we didn't need today to do it. Once we got on a roll it was quite easy to do that is for sure. I am happy that it was complete all on Friday night, but when I got home I was exhausted. I went to empty the garbage, and then I said the heck with house work I am going to bed. I ended up sleeping 12hours, and contemplated having a nap today.

But, Julie and I were able to hang out the whole day. We had a marathon scrapbook shopping day, and then we had a marathon scrapbooking session at my house scrapbooking our Alaskan Cruise photos. It was great to have some good bonding time with my sister. I am just cleaning up the scrap supplies, and will be heading off to bed!

Monday, October 01, 2007

A Rush of Excitement!

Well, I arrived home from my Master's Class tonight quite excited. I am currently working on a project with another teacher in the class. She teaches highschool, and together we are learning about Instructional Design Opportunities in the Health Care System. It is quite exciting really. We have decided to step out of what we know and learn about another field. We have to present in a job fair type format for our next class wich is on the 15th, since Thanksgiving is on Monday, and we have no class that night. So, we are getting organized this Friday, and completing the project on Friday night and finetuning Saturday if necessary! I am looking forward to what the final product is going to look like. I am even going to be able to use some of my scrapbooking talents for the project. So cricutting will be happening. So, things are shaping up, we left really confident after we had time to discuss the project.

Off for a spot of tea and a little bit of TV. The Hills, and then off to bed!

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Time Flies When Your Busy

Well, I can't believe it is already Wednesday tonight. Time flies when you are on the go that is for sure. I had my third class on Monday night. I am getting used to this whole idea of being back in school, it is quite different from the work day. But, refreshing at the same time. So, currently this week I am really enjoying school. (I am sure I will have my highs and lows.) I am starting to feel like I am in some kind of routine now, which is great! I have completed my weekly online reading reaction tonight, and it is only 7:15p.m. I still have some more homework to do, but I feel better now that I can just focus on completing the readings on the weekend.

Work is going well, and bumps come up along the way. However, I do feel more confident in my own abilities and am very relaxed working with the grade fours. It definitely is my favourite age to work with. Well, I am off to relax a little and then have some work to do. Before, you know it the weekend will be here!

Saturday, September 22, 2007

Week Three: Masters Course

Well, it is taking some getting used to the routine of school and work. This week I had some doubts, when my computer screen went Kaput when my online assignment was due. But, I have very supportive family and boyfriend, who helped me through it, and I was able to complete the assignment using my Mom and Dad's laptop. I was excited to see that this morning, two people had already responded to my assignment.

I enjoyed our movie night this week. It added to the "busyness" of the week. It was at my house. I chose the movie The Wedding Date with Debra Messing. It is a "fluff" movie, but enjoyable just the same. I made a casserole, combined with a lovely salad, and a delicious homemade pie.

I bought my new computer screen today, and love it!

Monday, September 17, 2007

Week Two: Masters Student

Well, I have just come home from my second Master's course. I am getting used to this whole idea as life as a student. Let me tell you, it sure does take some getting used to that is for sture. It is quite different this time round as a Graduate student. Balancing work and life. I thougth I had my whole routine worked out for the semester until I discovered that this plan will not work, so it needs to be refined.

I believe that the next two years of my life are going to be an adventure, and are going to go by very fast, so I am just trying to enjoy the little things for now. I know I have said that I was going to devote this blog to my adventures about Scrapbooking, however with time limited these days, it might be a place to voice my interest in my Master's program.

Saturday, September 08, 2007

First Week and New Graduate Orientation

Well, I survived my first week back at school. It took some time getting back into a routine, but I think I have finally managed my routine. I received my new students on Friday. I am so excited about my new class, I love them already. We played a little true or false game. It was so fun when I asked the students whether it was true or false that I earned a bronze metal in speed rock climbing. The students all said false, and when I told them that it was true and I showed them my medal they all clapped for me! It was great! They are learning fast how they can be a teacher pleaser. But, rest aside I was exhausted by Friday night rolled around. I met some friends after work for dinner and drinks, went rollerblading, and played a bit of tennis. Trying to enjoy my freetime before my Master's program starts on Monday.

I attended my Masters Orientation today. It was from 10:00 to 2:00, and boy was it difficult to be inside on such a beautiful day. But, it was worth getting some useful information, and I thought it was great that we were provided lunch. That is one thing that education was good at, was that we always get well fed. I met a few of the students from my course. They come from a variety of backgrounds, which will help you keep this cohort very interesting. So, on to new beginnings on Monday night, as I wil officially be a graduate student attending classes.

As for now, I am looking forward to getting outdoors to enjoy the weather!

Monday, September 03, 2007

Summer Blues and New Fall Beginnings.

Well, here it is Labour Day weekend, and I am trying to determine where the summer went. Obviously too busy to update the blog. I know us teachers have it very good, but it does go very fast once it starts. But, I had a very productive, yet very relaxing summer vacation as well. The beginning was spent putting in my new laminate floors throughout the entire condo. They look gorgeous, and it was well work all the time, money, and effort! Once you get the renovation bug though, it really seems to spread. I ended up replacing the carpet in my bedroom as well! It looks fantastic. I love the look of it. My condo feels like it is brand new now.

The next part of the summer involved lazy days at the beach, scrapbooking, cardmaking, paper crafting, visiting with friends or family, and handing out with Andrei. We did lots of fun activities together this summer.

Then it was my Alaskan Cruise vacation with my sister! It was a whole lot of fun. We met some great couples from New Orleans and took in the beautiful scenary and lovely food from the cruise. I definitely have the cruising bug. I also got out of town for our Summer Professional Development days, as two days were spent at Harrison Hot Springs. It was great to get caught up with people at work. I also spent about two days at work getting the classroom up and running. I am very excited with how the set up is this year. My vision for the classroom is slowly developing, as I purchase little by little each year.

Finally, my summer holidays have ended with a weekend trip to the Island. Andrei and I visited Victoria and Nanaimo. We took in the Titanica show and Titanic Exhibit at the Royal Museum, shopping, walking around, Kayaking in the harbour, walking the harbours, and cruising the Island highway. It was very relaxing to get away. And now I sit and procrastinate the minor house cleaning that I have to do, and get the butterflies in my stomach with the excitment of a new school year. I can't wait for it to begin, and am looking forward to beginning my Master's program.

Here are some photos from my summer.

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Another Exciting Mail Day

Well, today was another exciting day when it comes to mail. I received my Round Robin today a long with two other round robins that I must complete! This particular scrapbook swap involved me sending an assortment of paper and embellishments in an envelope. There are six people that receive the envelope and make something for you with those items, and at the end you have six coordinated items that you can use with a page layout.

I quite like everything that was made for me. It is neat to see all the different things that people make with your stuff. I almost get to involved in the swaps that I stop making my own pages.

Made more progress today on the floors. All the mouldings are off in the hallway area. We had to take mouldings off the doorways as well. It was a lot less difficult than I thought. So, now the work begins tomorrow installing. But, it is going to look awesome when it is all done!

Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Present in the Mail Today

Well, today was a pleasant mail day. As, I have mentione before I belong the Canadian Scrao N Swap site. I have a lot of fun belonging to this message board. I have learned some great tips, and I have joined quite a few different swaps. Today in the mail. I received my princess swap items. I made the little match book that has a crown and says princess. I made nine of these items, and then I sent them off to Colleen the organizer of the swap. She sorts all the items from everyone, and we get our own item back, plus an item from each other person and they all have a princess theme. I have a few others that I have joined and I am having a lot of fun doing them and then seeing what everyone else comes up with.

Monday, July 02, 2007

Happy Canada Day Weekend!

Well, summer holidays are here and they started with a bang last night with the Canada Fireworks held at Canada Place. The first few days of my summer holidays were spent unwiding and getting into the holiday spirit.

Friday I went floor shopping again. This isn't exactly relaxing, but I was on a mission to find flooring for my Condo. I had visited End of the Roll once before, but it was more of a looking around to see what's out there excursion. Well, I found a very knowledgable sales person. He gave us a deal on some laminate floor that is all the rage now. It has a beveled edge to it when it is installed, so it will look like real laminate flooring. I am quite excited to put it in. I just have some prep work to do now.

Saturday, I had a relaxing day to sleep in and then I went and picked up the flooring. I was able to get 17 boxes of laminate in my little car. Not bad hey! Anywyas, I then got ready quickly as Andrei and I were meeting Andrei's friend Miguel for dinner and a movie. We ended up with a double header. We saw sicko and Die Hard 4. They were both really good movies in their own way.

Sunday again I slept in. It is nice not having any worries. Then Andrei and I met his friend Miguel for Fireworks at Canada place. THe crowds were crazy we got a great spot to see the fireworks. (From Behind a tree) There were cops everywhere, so that really helped us all to feel safe! We hopped on the Skytrain and ended up home.

Here are some pics from our evening of fun.

Sunday, June 24, 2007

Steps Toward Aquiring New Flooring

Well, it has been over a month now without living in my cement palace. However, the good news is I am on my way to getting some new flooring. I went out floor shopping with my Dad on Saturday. We visited End of the Roll and Jordan's Flooring and Carpet. I didn't think I would like anything at Jordons, but I actually dealt with a very knowledgable sale's person about the flooring that I have chosen to put into my Kitchen and hallway. He let me take the samples home, and I had a chance to look at them. I will be arranging to have the estimate completed this week, and then in hopefully 2-3 weeks time, I will have my new flooring! Thank goodness, because the dust is really frustrating!

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Phew! Done at Last!

Well, my report cards are completed. Phew, I am free at last! I will hand them into my principal tomorrow. I had a few hiccups along the way, but I survived and I am hoping that I will have very few corrections to do. It has been tough having time for friends these last few weeks. But, tonight that all changed with a visit out to see my friend Jenn and her children Hannah and Ethan. It was great to have a chance to see her, as it has been quite awhile since we last got together for a visit.

I was commissioned to complete her children's baby book way back last summer. I have had all the stuff for quite awhile, but didn't have the pages to show for it. But, it takes a long time just to organize things, so I have spent a fair amount of time just getting all the goodies she had all in order. But, the good news is we went through all the photos. So, it doesn't seem quite as overwhelming when I look at the photos. It was great to have a visit with Jen and get all caught up with what we have both been up to.

I have the scrapbook bug now, as I have been enjoying scrapbooking with Julie the last few nights. I bought Julie a cart to put all her scrapbook stuff in. It was very reasonable at Costco. Now, she is portable and can come over hear anytime to complete her projects. I am thinking it would be fun to host a craft night at my house once the floors are all done. I am thinking maybe a card making party, where I would be the host to help you make cards, or you can just come to my house to work on your own projects. I mentioned it to my cousin and my aunt on my birthday. My Mom and my sister are liking the idea. Anyone else interested? It could be a way to celebrate my new flooring?

Just a thought!

Monday, June 11, 2007

A Very Productive Weekend!

Well, this weekend I set a goal to get done a certain amount of work related stuff, and I am happy to announce that I was able to meet these goals. I am really reflecting on how to effectively use my time to get report cards completed within the day to day activities that pop up. This time next year I will be working on my Masters, and I want to make sure that I have the time for work, school, and home life.

Therefore, putting a plan in place like this definitly seems to be the way to survive the long list of must Do Activities. I have completed my Fine Art Comments tonight, and now will tidy up my office abit, and then I am just going to have a quiet evening at home, as this week I have a union meeting, staff meeting, parent meeting, and Fun Day meeting this week afterschool.

Saturday, June 09, 2007

Final Report Card Season is here!

Well, report card season is upon me and for the next two weekends I am in my little office cocoon working on them. Thank goodness it is a rain weekend this weekend because it makes it so much easier to be inside working on them. I have my whole plan here posted on my blog. I am sure it is very boring to the rest of you. But, for me it helps me to be managable and helps me be focused to complete my work. Sorry, for such a boring post but this is what my goals are for the week.

Friday Night
- Have sushi with my sister.
- Help my sister make a mini scrapbook of her trip to Vegas.

- Sleep in.
- Make changes to report card template.
- Complete Physical Education.
- Complete Ways to Support learning.
- Complete Emotional and Social Development.
- Visit with my friend Debbie, as we will both need a report card break.
- Movie Night with Andrei.
- Housework in between all these activities.

- Sleep in.
- Student Behaviour Comments.
- Review reading assessments and make a class summary.
- Complete any more house work that needs to be done
- Scrapbook (only if there is time) otherwise a little TV for undwinding.

- Artistic and Music Comments.
- Reveiw Math Work of students to complete evaluation of students.

- Opening Report Card Comments Begin.

- Staff Meeting
- Friends Birthday Dinner

- Complete opening report card comments.

- BBQ with my sister.
- Complete her mini album to Vegas scrapbook.

- Intellecutal Development Report Cards

- Visit School.
- Print out and Edit Report Cards.

Saturday, June 02, 2007

Beautiful Sunshine

Well, we need not complain after this lovely weekend of fantasic sunshine. I know we all tend to complain about how hot it is, but really I would rather have this weather than the liquid sunshine. I had a chamce to get out and enjoy the beautiful sunny weather on Friday night with a Barbeque hosted by my friend Frances. We had a delicious steak dinner, and enjoyed the gorgeous weather outside until about 11:00 at night. Saturday, I visited my friend Debbie who was having a garage sale. Although I am not a fan of garage sales, it was pleasant to be outsied enjoying the weather. Saturday evening Andrei and I went out rollerblading downtown. We parked at Stanley Park, and rollerbladed to English Bay where we had a picnic lunch. Sandwiches, chips, and pop. We had a a very sweet tasking Sundae at Dairy Queen. It was in a chocolate covered waffle bowl. Very Yummy! Sunday, I enjoyed watching the sunny weather from inside my office, as report card season is approaching and I am getting my template ready to begin the reports this week and upcoming weekend. I have to have them handed in to my principal by June 19th.

Well, a little more time and then I am off to another BBQ!
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