Sunday, December 23, 2007

Ready For The Season!

Well, I have my house all decorated, and all my shopping is done. I got my hair cut and nails done, and have wrapped all the presents, so I am all ready for the holidays. Once it arrives it comes so close.

I had a very busy work week at school. I decided to do something a little different for my class holiday party. After attending a Pro D day last year, I chose to do a breakfast party. The students loved it we put the desks together, with red table clothes, and the students set the table. It looked like a little restaurant. The students loved it. It was fun!

I received my marks from my last two assignments that I handed in at the end of the term, and I did VERY well. I am pretty excited. I thought it was going to be extremely hard, but it is managable. It is making sure that I can keep up with family, work, and friend commitments that gets me into the most difficulty. I registered for my second class already. I am looking forward to it being on a Thursday night rather than a Monday. I always felt so frazzled on for the rest of the wek, when I couldn't get prepared for the week.

I have a busy three days ahead of me spending time with family. Christmas Eve is with Andrei and his family. Christmas Day church with Andrei's Family and then Brunch and Dinner with the Sanderson Christmas. Then Boxing Day at my Mom and Dad's again for the Mulschlegel family Christmas. I am looking forward to all the celbrations, and we are planning on bringing out the Turkey Baster group for singing. I will make sure I post some pictures of our celebrations after the events.

May you all have a very Merry Christmas and I hope that you enjoy the time you spend with your family and treasure it.

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