Thursday, August 13, 2015

Baby Boy Boy Mini Foto Folio

So ecited to be sharing this very special project. This took me four crafty evenings to complete. Once my littleman was in bed. It is all completely made by hand from scratch using a tutorial from the very talented Kathy Orta now Kathy King of Paper Phenomenon. I am proud of myself for accomplishing this as I put it on my summer bucket list for 2015. I used all left over product from my son's baby book and all embellishments are left over or hand made by me using the fabulous Cricut explore air.

Saturday, January 03, 2015

2014 December Daily Scrapbook Folio

It has been forever since I posted and shared a crafty project with you!! But, I just had to share this project that I made this holiday. It is called a scrapbook folio that I won from the very talented youtuber Superhappy Scrapper! 

Chandra hsd a great channel with lots of tutorials for a range of projects! I discovered her this fall when in a crafty slump, as I was just too tired, busy, and overwhelmed with my new full time working mama status. It was so fun to watch and comment on her videos as a way to destress from the day. I was working my way through all her videos when I unknowingly commented on a video with a secret giveaway and I won!! It was such a fabulous pick me up in a very exhausting time of writing report cards. 

When the folio arrived, I was so overwhelmed and excited to receive this hand made project! It had the very trendy chalk paper of the season and I could immediately tell a lot of love and creativity when into the care of making this folio. I knew I had to use it as a December daily.

This was so fun to use and embellish. I have 54 pictures in the folio and there is still room for more pictures! A great way to preserve holiday memories without the space commitment of a larger 12x12 binder album like I have been using.

Please watch the video to see all the fabulous folders and hidden spots for photos!

Wednesday, December 31, 2014

A Year in Review....A Look Back at 2014

It has been very long time since I have done a blog post. But, I have been looking over my blog recently and I have really enjoyed reading my yearly reviews here online. The blog has been the best record keeping tool I have used to document the daily comings and goings of my life. I missed doing one of these last year, but let's just say I was a little busy adjusting to the lifestyle change of being a first time mom. Last year at this time, my littleman was just about to pop his first teeth. He had rosy cheeks all the time and was drooling constantly. We had long nights and what felt like even longer days, as I was completely exhausted from supporting this little guy. So, I didn't have a chance to blog a yearly review. Over the past week, I have been thinking it is time to take back this blogging tradition.  I didn't want to walk away from it, so here it is my personal look back at 2014.

When I think of 2014, I am going to identify it as a "The Year of Firsts". In someways it was a year of starting over, as life we had known had   completely changed. Change can be a difficult thing to experience, as adjustments are made. As we celebrated the beginning of 2014, I knew it was going to be very different from any other year before. I had a little person, that I grew and gave birth to in 2013 who was going to be relying completely on me for all of his physical and social needs. 

2014 started with a bang. Not so much from the partying...but my little guy popped his very first teeth on New Years Day. Yes, not just one, but 2 and then four days later he popped his top two teeth. No wonder this little guy was suffering so dearly. It is truly the most difficult thing to experience...seeing a little person in pain and not knowing what they need and helping and comforting them the best we can through it. 

The year of firsts continued as I spent the next 8 months of 2014 on a maternity leave. It was truly an amazing time as my only responsibility was looking after my little man and celebrating many different firsts with him. This special time taught me that it is okay to slow down the pace of life and to let things go. I also learned to appreaciate and value the little things in life.  Sometimes that even meant takes a lot to give your full attention to another little person. I found that sometimes during my down time.  I would go get crafty or nap as a means to take care of my own personal well being. Taking that time made all the difference. 

There were so many different firsts including sitting up, crawling, first words, standing, and first steps. Then there were the first family occassions including my very first Mother's Day, Father's Day, and our very first family vacation at the end of June. I must say my year maternity leave is currently topping the list of memorable moments of my life.  The path or journey I experienced to motherhood may have been a difficult one, but now that I have this opportunity I have truly taken the time to appreaciate every moment whether they are the most challenging or touching. 

A big part of this experience are the many lessons I learned during this time. Appreaciate all experiences and your loved ones, take time to relax and enjoy the richness of what life has to offer. To be honest, I am not always sure I would stop to appreaciate what I already had, as the bulk of my life has been working towards major life goals. However, I feel like I am at a point where I need to enjoy these major life goals and take time to appreciate the little things that make each of our lives unique. I think this is why I took to Instagram. It has been a wonderful way to document the little life moments throughout the year whether they are crafty or family related. It shows the journey, as well as the current mental path I am on. I look forward to all the possibilities that 2015 has to offer.

My one little word that will always be in the back of my mind is to "Think Big" and "Appreaciate" what all the little things that come to mind.

Wishing much Health and Happiness for 2015!


Monday, March 24, 2014

I {heart} Instagram

The technology world is forever changing!! There are always new tools to keep us connected to other crafters, friends, and family. I dabble with Facebook using my husband's account. Really just to share family photos to his family overseas. But, I just started playing with Instagram! It is such an easy way to share the projects I am creating and see what others are doing for creative projects also!! 

I  dont have time for videos like I used to, but haven't given up on the idea that I will be able to do videos in the future! Nor, do I wish to discontinue the blog posting. Although that has been at a standstill for awhile now too. Precious moments of my maternity leave are being enjoyed with my little boy and any spare moments that I do have once chores are done are to craft rather than post about what I am creating....until now...

Instagram is a great way for impromptu posting. If you would like to follow me there, please find me by the username scrapeahappy! 

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Happy Birthday Masculine Cupcake Card

I find it very difficult to create masculine cards. This is my attempt tonight to add to my birthday card stash. I used all items from my stash. The DCWV chipboard cupcake on a stand I have had forever and for some reason have been hoarding them! It felt good to pull it out of my stash tonight and use it!!

Saturday, February 08, 2014

Happy Birthday Card

I know I has been ages since I posted here. I have been creating quite a bit to be honest. More than I thought I would...but just don't have the time to post here and share the projects like i would like to. 

However, I wanted to take time to post this card for the Mojo Monday 331 sketch. I have been casing this challenge blog since baby was born, but just haven't sat down to make a card. Between feedings and naps, I came up with this design.

Card Details:
Paper 6x6 Authentique Renew
Bling from Dollarstore
Butterfly Martha Stewart Punch
Card stock Recollections
Embossing Folder Crafts Too
Stamp & Cordinating Die Verve
Happy Birthday Verve

Monday, October 14, 2013

Happy Thanksgivng!

Well, it is Williams first Thanksgiving! We had a lovely dinner at my Mom and Dad's on Saturday. This is a pic of my little munchkin in his NEw York Yankees hat that he got from his Uncle Markus who is a Yankees fan. He has some room to grow I to this hat, but just the same I wanted to take a picture of him in it!

I can't believe that it is already Thanksgiving. This time of year is always a great time of year to stop and think about the things that I am thankful for! This year it is no surprise that I am thankful for my little man William born on August 30th. He has only been in my life such a short time, but he has brought so much joy! My husband Andrei is also a person I am very thankful for, as he is an amazing partner and such an involved Daddy! He takes good care of both me and his son! Next, I am very thankful for my parents and sister! They are and continue to be fabulous support both physically and emotionally! I have very caring in-laws who take good care of us!  I am thankful that I live in a clean home and a safe neighborhood. This allows me to be able to focus on the small things in life. I have  caring and supportive friends! I have a lot to be thankful for!

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