Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Another Exciting Mail Day

Well, today was another exciting day when it comes to mail. I received my Round Robin today a long with two other round robins that I must complete! This particular scrapbook swap involved me sending an assortment of paper and embellishments in an envelope. There are six people that receive the envelope and make something for you with those items, and at the end you have six coordinated items that you can use with a page layout.

I quite like everything that was made for me. It is neat to see all the different things that people make with your stuff. I almost get to involved in the swaps that I stop making my own pages.

Made more progress today on the floors. All the mouldings are off in the hallway area. We had to take mouldings off the doorways as well. It was a lot less difficult than I thought. So, now the work begins tomorrow installing. But, it is going to look awesome when it is all done!

Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Present in the Mail Today

Well, today was a pleasant mail day. As, I have mentione before I belong the Canadian Scrao N Swap site. I have a lot of fun belonging to this message board. I have learned some great tips, and I have joined quite a few different swaps. Today in the mail. I received my princess swap items. I made the little match book that has a crown and says princess. I made nine of these items, and then I sent them off to Colleen the organizer of the swap. She sorts all the items from everyone, and we get our own item back, plus an item from each other person and they all have a princess theme. I have a few others that I have joined and I am having a lot of fun doing them and then seeing what everyone else comes up with.

Monday, July 02, 2007

Happy Canada Day Weekend!

Well, summer holidays are here and they started with a bang last night with the Canada Fireworks held at Canada Place. The first few days of my summer holidays were spent unwiding and getting into the holiday spirit.

Friday I went floor shopping again. This isn't exactly relaxing, but I was on a mission to find flooring for my Condo. I had visited End of the Roll once before, but it was more of a looking around to see what's out there excursion. Well, I found a very knowledgable sales person. He gave us a deal on some laminate floor that is all the rage now. It has a beveled edge to it when it is installed, so it will look like real laminate flooring. I am quite excited to put it in. I just have some prep work to do now.

Saturday, I had a relaxing day to sleep in and then I went and picked up the flooring. I was able to get 17 boxes of laminate in my little car. Not bad hey! Anywyas, I then got ready quickly as Andrei and I were meeting Andrei's friend Miguel for dinner and a movie. We ended up with a double header. We saw sicko and Die Hard 4. They were both really good movies in their own way.

Sunday again I slept in. It is nice not having any worries. Then Andrei and I met his friend Miguel for Fireworks at Canada place. THe crowds were crazy we got a great spot to see the fireworks. (From Behind a tree) There were cops everywhere, so that really helped us all to feel safe! We hopped on the Skytrain and ended up home.

Here are some pics from our evening of fun.
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