Friday, December 30, 2005

My Pretty Little Jar

Well, yesterday I had a wonderful time going to all the different Scrapbook and Craft stores out in Langley with Sara. It was a fun afternoon. The new thing that I have seen lately in my favourite scrapbook stores are these pretty jars with flowers inside for decorating cards and scrapbooks. The cost of these jars and flowers are 10.00 and up. I could not justify spending that much for flowers that were all from the same color family or tone. I wanted a mixture, so we headed off to Micheal's the Crafter's paradise. The fake flowers were all 50% off. So, I took my time going around and looking at all the flowers. I chose flowers that had smaller flowers on it.But, it usually to look at was one big flower. For example Iris's were quite good. I found an assortment of flowers, and spent about $3.oo. Then I went to Buck or Two that was out in the Shopping Complex. I was looking for a Pretty Little Jar to put them in. Well, I was in luck. It was only 1.00. I snatched it up. I had ample flowers to put into the pretty little jar, and some flowers for my mom for her cards as well! It only cost me $4.00, and it will look so pretty on my desk in my Scraproom. (Once I clean up my desk)


Thursday, December 29, 2005

Twas the Season

Good Chrismtas memories with the family have once again been made this Christmas.

Well, Christmas has come and gone. It is amazing at how fast it all seems to come. I had a very lovely holiday and was spoiled much this year. And yes, I did get a digital camera for Christmas. They are so fun. I have been taking photographs left right and centre. It is amazing how many pictures you take when you don't have film to worry about. I have been learning all how to use it. I am excited because I will finally be able to post pictures here on my blog and on Two Peas and a Bucket. I have been working lots on a few projects and have pictures of them to post soon.

I am slowly becoming a hostess. I had my Aunty Jo and Dave come over for Brunch on Christmas Eve Day. I had my Aunt Shirley and Uncle Dinno and cousin Lisa come for Fondue crumble. ( A story for another Day).

Tonight I had a spa night with my best friend. It was a good time! I am looking forward to lunch on Friday. Before I know it the year of 2005 will come to an end and it will be back to work and routines! New Years are so exciting because you can look forward to new beginnings and new traditions. I have been thinking about what my New Year Resoulutions are going to be, and will be posting them before the New year!

Friday, December 23, 2005

Baby Twin Bliss

This evening I had a lot of fun! My good friend Jenn had twins in November and tonight I went with my sister to visit Mom and the babies. This was the first visit that I have had when the babies were at home. I wanted to make sure that I was well, so that I wouldn't pass on my strep germs to Mom and Babies. I love seeing little babies, as they are so innocent and adorable. They have so much to look forward to.

After tonight have holding babies for three hours I am becoming much more comfortable with holding them in different positions. (Other than the position when I was five years old and I was able to hold my cousin Lisa.) When I held Ethan at the hospital my arm was stiff because I didn't want to hurt him. But, after tonight I feel more comfortable holding the babies, and have no learned that you don't need to be so stiff when holding them and mechanical when moving them. I must have been doing a reasonable job, as little Ethan fell asleep in my arms.


Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Tis the Season for Hustle and Bustle

Well, I haven't posted in a few days because it is that time of year when we are all really busy. I am particularly enjoying visiting with my Mom and Dad, and all the home cooked meals I have been catching up on! I had a lovely lunch with my Oma on Monday. Christmas shopping in the evenings and I just had Brunch with my Grandparents today to celebrate their 64th wedding anniversary. Can you believe it? They have been married for 64 years. It is so wonderful to see a loving relationship that has lasted that long, and I look forward to having that kind of relationship myself one day. Not very many people can say their relationship has lasted that long!

Saturday, December 17, 2005

Twas the Last Week of School

You know that I have lossed it and that I am ready for the holidays, when I write a poem about the crazy week I had, in the same style as the performance my students had at the Christmas Concert.

Twas the Last Week of School
Twas the last week of school,
when I felt like such a fool.
There was so much to do,
I felt like the length of the week grew.
We practiced our play,
the students were great each day.
It was this past Thursday,
when it all went array.
We started the day with the Jingle Bell Jog,
I guess that is when my mind began to fog.
We had some fun with Gingerbread,
I guess that was what stopped me from looking ahead.
Today was the day the Report Cards were to go home,
But again my mind started to roam.
I had spent a lot of time and energy on each report card,
In fact, I sometimes even find them really hard.
So of course I wanted them to be sent home from school,
But I didn’t follow the school’s golden rule.
The tired teacher that I am,
I had forgot to hand them out, Damn!
I was very upset, as how could I forget what my job was all about,
I knew I was ready for the holidays, and that I needed to chill out.
But, this was ridiculous as it wasn’t time yet,
But good ole’ Mom and Dad told me not to sweat.
Because, it all worked out in the end,
And on Friday I would have time to mend.
The problem was solved,
as I told the students here is your report card.
Thank heaven the holidays are here,
Because I am ready for a beer.
But that still is no excuse,
to rhyme like Dr. Seus.

Sunday, December 11, 2005

Gingerbread Success

Tis the season to learn how to bake! Well, for all of you who know my cooking skills, will realize what a huge success I had today in my own kitchen. I attempted to make Gingerbread cookies all on my own. It is amazing how moving into your own place will get you to try things that you have never done before!

Last year, I was visiting my Aunt and Uncle and cousin. My cousin Lisa is famous for beautiful Gingerbread houses. Well, she told me how easy it was to make Gingerbread. I watched last year as my Aunt and Cousin made the gingerbread cookies. I was even given some cookies for my effort. I used these cookies for a class project. This year I wanted to the same project with my students, but I kinda went into panic mode because I would have to make the cookies all by myself. (A path not braved before)

I went out and braved the stores to purchase all the ingredients I needed. That was a task in itself! What is it with this time of year and the rudeness that is brought out in people. I couldn't find cloves and fancy molasses. Thank goodness for the Gingerbread Crisis Line! (Thanks Shirley) I phoned from the store asking about ingredients. She sent a driver over right away with the ingredients that I needed. (My uncle was coming over to deliver a picture that I had framed) But, I think the earlier sentence adds to the story. I visited with my uncle and kept procrasinating. Once he left I knew it was now or never. I printed out the recipe and went full steam ahead. I attacked the ingredients, however after looking at my kitchen and my clothes. The Gingerbread won! I had to phone the Gingerbread Crisis Line along the way, but all and all I have tasted the cookies and I am still alive to tell this story to you all! They actually turned out. I made about 35 cookies. I even have extra to bring to my band concert tomorrow night!

What I day! I feel really good about this as I have learned that I really can do anything I put my mind too! (Even cooking) Halleuya!

My Charilie Brown Character is....

Hey! This is a really neat site! You answer a whole bunch of questions. (Maybe five) They take your profile and you discover what Charlie Brown Character you are like! Reading it gave me a good chuckle. I am surprised some key words here that match me! Try it! It is a lot of fun!

Deck the Halls

Well, the count down is on. The first exciting thing that I am countin down is my Mom and Dad's return from Arizona for Christmas. Nothing feels more like Christmas, than when you are surrounded by family. I think it is all those silly traditions that we have, no matter big or small. For example, I can't wait to turn up Feliz Navidaz and sing it with my mom, accent and all. The The second thing that I am counting down is the last week of school. I don't know what it is, but I am exhausted. It is fun working with 2/3 this year because they still believe in Santa and everything gets them all excited about Christmas. Two Christmas concerts left to go. My very own Christmas Concert in 9 years and the school's Christmas concert. Finally, the last count down is yes you guessed it Christmas. I really feel in the Christmas spirit now, as I have decorated my house.

I bought my first Christmas tree this year! It is artificial because I live in an Condo. But, with the lights and all the decorations, it feels like Chirstmas. I just wish I had that digital camera to take a picture of it all! (HINT HINT Santa!)

Friday, December 02, 2005

My Sister is the Best!

My sister is the best! I have been alone in my place for the past two days, as I am trying to get rid of this Strep Throat, that doesn't want to seem to leave my body. I was feelin kinda down because I have been not feeling well and I missed a Christmas Party tonight. But, I have such a wonderful sister. She came over after work today, and we spent the evening together. She took care of me. She made me tea when I needed. She cleaned the dishes that had been piling up in the sink. We watched the movie Mr. Deed together and had a good laugh. Thanks to my wonderful sister, I am feeling a bit better! It is so great to have a sister that I can count. I don't know what I would do without her.

Bundled Up and Sick at Home

Well, unfortunately I have my annual dose of Strep Throat at the momment! I am currently taking really strong anti-biotics, so I will be on the mend in the next couple of days. It is so tough when you are a teacher, or work with children for that matter to be off from work. You know and think about the students you have left behind for the day and hope that the TOC that is in for you can understand your chicken scratches for a day plan!

However, since my attitude in life is to try and look at the positive of things, I have a goregeous view of the first snow in my new place. I look out onto deciduous trees and all the branches are filled with beautiful snow! Breathtaking! I am hoping Santa will bring me a digital camera this year, so that I can immediately share momments like this!

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