Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Bump and Crafty Update

This past weekend we celebrated my birthday! It isn't a birthday until we have Angel Food cake, whip cream icing, and strawberries! Yummy! It was a treat to have a pizza dinner followed by a yummy birthday cake! I took the opportunity to take lots of bump pictures! Andrei and I haven't taken many pictures of us together with the bump! So, this was the first one! It was a good visit with Grandma, Dinno, Shirley, Carl, and Henny! I was treated to some lovely gifts, a few for me and a few for baby!

Crafting has been non existent! Too tired or too busy! I know my days are numbered, but May and June are such busy times for teachers!

Saturday, May 18, 2013

Baby Bump Update

Once again it has been quite awhile since I have posted! I have been having a lot of fun organizing and getting ready for baby! The room is painted, the owl wall decal is up, the crib and bedding are organized! We also have a vintage change table! It was the one my dad built for my Mom to use for me when I was a baby! It is very 70's as it is yellow and orange wood! Andrei is going to paint it white! I have been looking for baskets to organize underneath and had no luck! However, I have begun to pack up my classroom, and I had a brainwave! I have baskets that I purchased a long time ago and I brought them home to try! Still waiting for Andrei to let me know if he likes them!

I also did some organizing for me in my bedroom! I went through all my socks
 and underwear and threw out the old stuff and then reorganized the drawers with compartments! It is something that I have wanted to do for a very long time, but never seemed to make time! It looks great and feels great  be so organized in that space! The laundry area is next, as I have found some great ideas on Pinterest! Maybe I will even try posting some pictures of it all when it is complete!

We went threw all the storage stuff in out pantry downstairs, and we're able to purge a lot of things that we don't use! I have more organizing to do down there also, but I am going to save that for when it is hotter in the summer because this area is one of the coldest in the entire house! 

Last weekend we celebrated Andrei's Birthday and Mother's Day. A very busy weekend, but we got some good pictures! My baby bump is quite big now!

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