Saturday, December 31, 2011

Getting a Head Start on Valentines 2012 Cards

Well, I had a fabulous time at Lisa's house last night. We were two giddy school girls all excited to be playing together....No...we weren't playing Barbies...we were making Valentine Cards. For, the humour of the last sentence, you will need to read this post here about the analogy I made to playing as a little girl with my Barbie Dolls to playing and creating with paper crafts. Lisa invited me over early afternoon since she was off work early due to the holiday. She had previously sent me a picture to my Iphone showing me all the Valentine's Day stuff she had to play with. She told me to just bring my cardstock and we could create away. Well, the new philosophy I have been toying with lately is use your stash first before aquiring anything new. So, I began searching, and I found a whole bunch of pattern papers to play with, as well stamps, border punches, and inks. I gathered it altogether to make a kit. I was blown away with all the materials I had that could be used to make Valentines cards. I packed everything up, and was ready to go. However, I forgot the stamps, punches, and inks at home. Oh Well, we will have to use those another time.... However, Lisa had some great stuff to play with. I used all my own papers, but used her stamps and nestabilities to make these cards. The Bird Cage Card was made with patterned paper that I have been holding onto for two years. I was saving it for a very special project. Well, I think this is it! I haven't put sentiments on them yet because I was hoping that I might be able to use some of them for Anniversary cards.

A Look Back at 2011....

I enjoy having this blog to document the crafting journey that I take each year. I also like to dabble in sharing the musings of my daily life. However, looking back over the year at my various  blog posts...I realized that this year my blog was more a documentation of my creativity rather than my daily life. I have my own theory as to why this was the case. However...I look forward to 2012 having more of those daily memories alongside a tribute to my special creations.

As I prepare my list of New Years Resolutions....I wanted to go back and look at what I said last can find that post here. Wow...when I look over this year's New Years Resolutions I was very ambitious. I had broken down my resolutions into Lifestyle and Crafty ones...

I think I did very well at meeting the first and third one...but I neglected my fitness goal. I did do more exercise than the previous year...but I would like to see it become more of a routine..

As far as the crafty resolutions..I didn't finish my wedding album...but I accomblished quite a few pages. I have also recently started my Honeymoon that is a step in the right direction.

I completed a variety of project this year, but didn't do as many videos as I liked. I found making those was taking away from my devoted scrapping time, so I let that go. Although...I did have the best of intentions. I would like to get that back to a regular video series in the New Year...just need to come up with a that is manageable.

Crafty Highlights of the year would have to be having the opportunity to connect with fellow scrappers from the Message Board in real life. The first visit was back in can read all about that here. This lead to an invitation to Gloria's coveted monthly crop nights, that have continued throughout the year.  I have further developed strong friendships with the girls, and have frequent scrap dates!! And look forward to many more in the upcoming year.

As far as scrappy accomplishments....I am very proud of my Vintage Card Exploration. This was a lot of fun to complete, as it was out of my comfort zone. Please have a look....I have created a playlist to showcase this project...

I have some New Year's Even Party Plans to prepare for.....I wish you all a very Happy New Year with health, happiness, and prosperity!

All the Best in 2012!!

Thursday, December 29, 2011

Configuration Box Sneak Peek

I often go online and admire a lot of different Altered Projects. However, I never take the plunge and try to do one myself. Until all started when I had a small Scrappy Gift Exchange with some friends that I crop with once a month. We had to create a list of something that we would like in a particular price range. So, I thought that I would ask for the Configurations Box. I put it on the list because it is something that I wouldn't typically buy for myself, but if I was to receive at as gift I would definitely try to do something fun with it...

Yesterday, I decident to take the plunge and begin working on it. It is a lot of fun. Very soothing, as I begin building this 3 D creation, and use lost of layers to have something very interesting to look at in my scraproom that represents me at this current time in my life.

I decided to document this process and turn it into a Youtube Series that I will post in the New Year. But, for now...I thought I would post a little Sneak Peak to show you all what I have been working on in my scrap space the last couple of days.

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Dressform Tags

So, I have been admiring Dressforms for quite awhile. However, as I stated in my vintage card series, I am really resisting with buying the die, as I think it is a real fad that isn't going to be around for much longer. Therefore, I am resisting very hard to not go out and buy something special just for that item. So, far I have continued to be sucessful with these two projects. These two tags were made with the Tags, Bags, Boxes and More Cartridge. I sized the tags in my Gypsy according to the Tim Holtz size. I cut one layer out of plain cardstock an dthen the next layer out of patterned paper from DCWV. One of them is from the Streetlace Stack and the other one is from the Mod Retro Stack. 

The first Dressform is from the Forever Young Cartridge. It is much more modern looking than the Tim Holtz style, but I still really like it. I cut the flowers from a Cuttlebug Flower Die. The flowers were cut out of felt. The Bling is various bling from my stash. If I am not mistaken it came from the Micheals 1.50 section.

The second Dressform was designed in my Gypsy. This is one of the left over dressforms that I created for my Vintage card series. I wasn't too sure if the pink would work on the blue, but it certainly does. I used a flower that I received from a Flower swap, and then the other flowers are from my stash. The Girlfriends stamp is a Studio G stamp. I love those little stamps, and I fell in love with all the Girly ones, but need to make sure that I use them.

There is another cartridge with a very pretty Dressform called Nifty Thrifty. I looked around for it before Christmas, but couldn't find it. It turns out that my friend Lisa from the Message Boards has it, so I will be able to cut out some dressforms the next time I see her. That is pretty exciting! I don't have to buy something, but do get to borrow. 

Dressed Up Cricut...Barbies and Scrapbooking

Doesn't she look so darling...I had been home all day due to my cold. Although I was creating in my room I got all excited...with my coordinations box that I got for Christmas. So, I decided to head out to the Dollar store to see if I could find some goodies for my project. Well, I also found these decals for a lap top. There were pictures on the decal packaging showing other devices that you could use it on. It was at that moment I got the brain wave to decorate my Cricut with these. I thought the birds were so darling, and that the colour pink would go perfectly with my pink cricut. Well sure enough when I got home, and put them on...they looked fantastic and so very coordinated. Now, my Cricut looks like those fancy ones that people bought after mine that were all one colour and had the pretty flourishes. It adds a little colour and interest.

Since it is the holidays, I have had a chance to spend a little more time than usual in my scrapspace. One would think that I would have been very productive. I would have many different projects to show for this down time. However, organizing, cleaning up, and doing an assessment of all the fun things I have to play with has me thinking that Scrapbooking is the Big Girl version of Barbies. When I was young, I was completely obsessed with Barbies, I loved having the motor home, the corvette, all the clothes, and all the accessories that went with my Barbies. I had tons of the stuff that I could set up a whole entire Barbie Village with my sister including a hotdog stand, winter lodge, games room, and pool. Barbie drove around with a fancy Winnebego Motorhome, and two corvettes. Barbie also had the most fabulous wardrobe. We had a special spot in the house that we played. It was out of the way, but in an area that you could still walk through.

We would spend a couple hours setting everything up...and then we got tired and leave it all out to come back to later. But, some how the prepartion and setting up seemed so much more exciting than playing Barbies.

When I look at my beautiful scrap space, and all the wonderful goodies that I have to play in here. I can't help, and think that this hobby of mine is not that different from when I was a little girl playing Barbies.

I love that I have set up a special space that I can go and scrapbook at any time. I in fact even have painted this space pink. I have a Pink Cricut Expression, which you could say is the Barbie Motorhome of the scrapbooking world. However, I started with the Corvette the "Baby Bug". I have all these wonderful things to play with, that are beautifully set up in my space and ready to use. I love the the anticipation of the creativity when I am going out to hunt for an item for a special project. Similar to setting up and geting ready to play Barbies. I then bring it home and then I find that there are some items that I haven't had any time to use yet.

And here I am in my space, ready to scrapbook, but like with Barbies...I at times seem to enjoy more admiring everything and the set-up rather than the creating itself...

Kit Exchange

I did an exchange with some friends that I get together and swap with. It was a lot of fun. This is the last kit that I had to work with. It was for my friend Lisa. She got a lot of flack from the group for the kit she chose for us to work with. It was very difficult to come up with a concept. But, she was talking about her daughters Sweet Sixteen this year, and that gave me the momementum I needed to make the projects. I had a lot of fun using all the odds and ends scraps that were left for the cards. That was a real challenge, but you would never know now that the cards are made that these were made from scraps. I hope that she can put these to good use...

Lisa's December Sketch Support Challenge - So Sweet

Well, I have been thinking about this challenge all month. I would say it is the best challenge that I have encountered to date. Lisa from the Canadian Scrap Message Board has been hosting a Monthly Challenge with prizes and everything. When she began this challenge...I specifically set a goal for myself to use these challenges for my Honeymoon Album. I have been working on this Album since this challenge started. I have had the pictures printed for a very long time...and wanted a switch up from the Wedding colours of the Wedding Album that I am working on. The original sketch can be found here. There are lots of great sketches over there, and I highligh recommend taking her class it is very worthwile!

I believe it was her online class that allowed me to take this sketch and make it work for me. Although did it ever take a lot of math to get this layout to work with my existing pictures. I am not a fan of the 2.5 by 2.5 pictures. So, I wanted to adapt it to larger phots. I feel that I was very successful with this. It has all the elements of the original sketch but I made it my own. All the patterned paper comes from the DCWV Summer Stack. The Palm Trees are cut from the Life's a Beach Cartridge. The So Sweet is cut out from the Once Upon a Princess cartridge and the clouds are cut out from Create a Critter with my Gypsy. The butterflies were cut out with a Martha Stewart Butterfly punch. The scallop green was border punched with a Fiskars punch. The stickers were in my stash that I purchased at the Dollar Store last year for my Valentine Friendship Tea Party.

Christmas 2011 Highlights

I can't believe how fast the season comes and goes in just a blink of an eye, and in less than a week I will be back at work with my students. I wanted to share some pictures of the Christmas highlights. Unfortunately, I don't have many pictures of me on Christmas Day because I wasn't feeling very well, as I have my annual tradition of a Christmas Cold. I am not very pleased about that but, what can you do?

Christmas Eve we spent with Andrei's parents. We enjoyed a delicous meal with my favourite Chicken Noodle Soup. We got a care package from Anyu. So, I have been enjoying the chicken noodle soup, as I nurse this cold. We had a lovely time, and even were able to do a Christmas toast with Andrei's brother and sister in law over skype. We had a good little visit with them at the beginning of the evening.  We sang Christmas carols at the organ that Apu brought into the house. We starte with Andrei just horsing around, than I blue Andrei's socks off with playing Jingle Bells by ear, and then Apu played all the traditional Hungarian Christmas Carols. We do this every year, and it is an enjoyable time spent together. I received some lovely gifts.

Christmas Day we started off with the opening of our stockings. Andrei never did this tradition when he was a young boy, but he is really starting to enjoy this tradition. He has his very own stocking now with his name on it that he quite enjoys...particularly so....since it opens up wider with a Zipper. We headed over to my parent's for Christmas Brunch with Mom, Dad, and Grandma. My sister and her boyfriend joined us later in the afternoon...and then in the early evening my extended family joined us for Christmas dinner. There were a total of 15 of us. My Oma had fallen a couple days before, so she was unable to join us...this did put a slight damper on the afternoon, as everyone were expressing their concerns for my Oma's well-being as she has a broken arm just below her shoulder. There is no sling, and she needs extensive care right now. The little treatboxes I had made the week I was off before Christmas...I had a lot of fun making them, and it was quite entertaining when everyone was bartering their goodies inside. My sister made the most decadent dessert. She made the mouse and chocolate cup to hold the mouse. It was a big hit...I always like to think that my sister has the baking talents and I have the crafty talents of the family. This makes a good trade. She makes treats, and I trade her with crafty projects.

After the relatives left we opened up our presents. I received some lovely gifts. I am looking forward to enjoying them in the upcoming year.

I was hoping to do some upcoming visiting with friends, but have had to cancel on a few engagements now because of this darn hopefully will be better soon!

If you read this much...thanks for was a long post!!!

Saturday, December 24, 2011

Twas the Night Before Christmas...

And the stocking were the Chimney with care.

The presents are wrapped and ready to go...

With peppermint magic wherever you go....

The silver tree is sparkling bright...

While Andre, Redley, and Rachel wait for Santa's delights.
Well, we are now ready for the holiday season. All the preparation and all the excitement will unfold over the next few days. We are looking forward to spending time with our family. Tonight we will be heading over to Andrei's parents for a traditional Hungarian Christmas celebration. I am looking foward to the delicious dinner that my mother in law will be cooking. I am eagerly waiting her delicous Chicken Noodle Soup.

I wish all of my blog readers a delightful holiday with your family too! May you have lots of fun memories and photos to scrap in the new year!

Best Wishes!

Shoe Rack Clip It Up...New Storage Solution

Phew....was this ever a project that I didn't expect to take this long. Putting together the shoe rack was the easy part...the difficult part was finding a workable space for it. After working on a whole bunch of different holiday room was a mess. I hate to admit it, but at one point I could barely walk in here and see the floor. I was going to take a picture of this, but to be was too embarassing. To top it all off...I chose to go through my scrap stuff to do some purging. This activity then resulted in me doing a reassessment of the goodies that I have to play with. Boy did I spoil myself this year...I have so much wonderful product in this space...that I am excited to new creations in the upcoming year.

However, the focus of this post is all about my new storage system based on a Scrap Storage Product called the clip it up. The clip it up storage solution has been around for quite some time, but I wasn't sure it was an option for me. For two reasons. The first one is the price point...and the second reason having the space to keep a unit like it. However, I am always looking for ideas on you tube. I came across this video in the summer about a clip it up homemade from a shoe rack. It was a US video that said the shoe racks were available at Walmart. Well, I never saw them here in Canada, so I never thought that it would be an option. However, a favourite Canadian Youtuber, Luvleescrappin found the shoe rack at London Drugs.

Well, I happened paruse London Drugs this week while doing some Christmas shopping, and I noticed that this was on sale for 17.99. I decided to give it a try, and if I didn't like it I was going to return it, or use it for its intended purpose of a shoe rack. Now, it is quite heavy and need to be on a sturdy surface. I knew I wanted to keep some stamp sentiment collections on there. But, I also want to keep products there that I would like to use but forget I have. So, tonight I attached all my Stamping Bella, and Greeting Farm Stamps. I am going to use two different clip options. The middle Tier and the Bottom Tier are going to use clips from Ikea. The top tier is going to use binder clips. The Ikea clips are a little pricer at 9.99 for 24. The binder clips are a much cheaper alternative, and I like how you can put themes of them together.

The purging in my room is all complete. The scrap space looks so wonderfully organized. So after Christmas I am ready to do some creating in here. It just wasn't inspiring when it was so cluttered. I have the storage, but I must remember to use it.

My husband suggested the strategy of 80% scrapping and then 20% clean up, so that the space can stay beautifully organized like this.

I think I may consider that to be my New Year's Resolution!

8.5 x 11 Scrapbook Frames

I wanted to post these picture frames that I made for my friend's daughters. The first frame was made for Emma who is two. She loves monkeys and that is the theme of her room, so I made the little monkey from the Create a Critter Cricut Cartridge.  The second frame is for Hunter a four year old who loves lady bugs, and that is what her mother calls her all the time. So, I cut that cute little lady bug from the Create A Critter Cartridge. These were made from a Page map Sketch. The patterned paper was all in my stash. It is amazing what you will discover...when you go shopping in your stash. It was pretty fun to create these two frames. I orginally was not planning to make two the same, but I just loved the patterned paper combo of both of them that I just couldn't resist!

Monday, December 19, 2011

Snuggle Time With Redley

Today was my first day of holidays and I really enjoyed my down time! I planned on doing more crafting then I did, but I decided to spend time chilling with my pooch and husband! I did spend 20 minutes getting some prep for the boxes that I am making for Christmas! I am planning a five days of Christmas project video series! This will start on Tuesday so please stay tuned!

Saturday, December 17, 2011

Jar Candles

I always like to give a little something to the secretaries at work! But, at the same time I am trying to cut back the amount I do in preparation for the holidays! I have been known to get carried away! Many coworkers are on diets right now, so I can't buy anything food related. That makes it really difficult, so the only other option is something that is consumable. I chose to go with these jar candles that I found at Superstore for $2.00. I then picked out some patterned paper from my stash that could be Christmasy, but also wintery. The patterned paper came from my Christmas DCWV stack called Tis the Season. I then used my Tim Holtz configuration die to make the pine cone and sage bush! The pine cones look great when the edges are inked with white for snow! They have a very pretty effect! I used my glue gun, and some ribbon to finish them off! They really didn't take that much time at all!but, are a nice homemade touch that I always like to do!

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Snowman Soup

I always like to do something special for my students! This year instead of making an individual card for all the students...I whipped up these packages of snowman soup! I included one package of hot chocolate, marshmellows, and
two candy canes. Now I totally cheated for the tag! I had the best of intentions for a homemade tag from scratch, but I have just been too tired in the evenings for this! So instead I decided to just take the tag set that I bought from Walmart tonight and put it on the diecut tag I made from the tags bags boxes and more cartridge! This worked really well!!! The students will enjoy it just the same!!

Sunday, December 11, 2011

Oh my does it feel great to Putter...

The past month my weekends have been jamm packed with fun! This one was a busy one! Friday night we socialized with friends! Then on Saturday I completed decorating the house! I will post some pictures later in the week! Later in the day we drove out to Langley! But not until I had a quick stop at Country Lane. Love this Local store! I used a gift certificate and bought a sizzix rose die! Works great with felt! Going to have fun with that one! We took my in-laws for a delicious steak dinner to The Keg! We did a little Christmas Shopping and then headed home! Our pooch was happy to see us!

Today was a fabulous day at home! It was fantastic to putter around the house! We cleaned up the house together and then spent some quality time together! I received a surprise phone call from my parents in Australia! They will be home on Friday and I am sure looking forward to seeing them!

Sunday, December 04, 2011

Redley Christmas Dog Ties

I a very enjoyable weekend! A busy one too! Friday Night Andrei and I went for a lovely dinner out! We kept it simple in terms of restaurant and went to Boston Pizza. Andrei loves their Meteor pizza. I came home and fell asleep on the sofa very early on in the evening...just couldn't keep my eyes open. Woke up Saturday morning and headed off to the Christmas Craft Fair at the Coquitlam Rec Centre. It is a huge craft fair with tons of exhibits. I bought a really neat magnet necklace with interchangeable pieces, gourmet white hot chocolate, and a delicious Cinnamon Bun that I gobbled up while waking around. I also bought some yummy short bread. The profits of that went to the Cancer research. Once my wallet was a little lighter. I went for a yummy Greek lunch with my two friends. We had a good meal with great company. I don't get together enough with Tara, so I really enjoyed the time we spent together! I came home and had the best of intentions of getting the house all ready to decorate, but was I puttered around in my scraproom and made 6 cards. I do plan on posting those later in the week. I just need to get the video edited and ready. I had a bit of nap also. Today was a friend's birthday. It was a surprise! Laurie was very surprised! We met at a Indian Restaurant in Vancouver. It It was quite the drive there and back, but it was such a beautiful sunny day that I really enjoyed the drive! I always love getting together with friends outside of work, as you get to learn so many interesting things about friends. I learned that Laurie has a Art Studio Blog. I went and checked it out, and there are so many different inspiring projects on there! I can't wait to follow the posts and learn more about her art. I made the mistake of going to Micheals to get a lovely evergreen spray for the Mantel. Boy was that place an absolute Zoo today. I picked the wrong line up as there was a lady returning a whole bunch of things. Some of them were those picks that you buy. Once I got out of the store...I came home to decorate. The living room is almost complete. But...I am still putting the finishing touches I won't post pictures until it is Martha Stewart ready! My sister called me up to see if I would be willing to work on this project she had in mind. She is also a very crafty person...although she would never consider herself to be that. She was at the Circle Craft Fair in Vancouver on the Remembrance Day long weekend and found some adorable dog ties. They had a 20.00 price tag on them. So, a little pricey when she looked at those she thought...I could so make those. But, what she really meant sister and I can work on these together and make them! LOL! We had a fun couple of hours make these. We made them in a Christmas theme..the Grinch. We made one for her dog and one for Redley. I wasn't too sure if Redley would mind wearing it...but he doesn't seem to mind. We had a whole bunch of chuckles, and Andrei had a good laugh to, although I was worried he would resist and not let Redley wear the tie. But, he had a good laugh when he came home from work.

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Small Card Class

A friend of mine asked if I would do a small card class for the Mom's group she runs! I never turn down a chance to share my craftyness with others. Here are the two cards we will be making tomorrow night!

Monday, November 28, 2011

Circut Rosette Christmas Ornaments

Micheals had Cricut cartridges on sale last week for 29.99. There weren't too many that I wanted or needed! But, I was very suprised when I saw this very new cricut caridge called Ribbons and Rosettes. Rosettes have been around since last Christmas. But, I have only been introduced to them this Spring. I have both Tim Holtz dies and now this one. They all have their unique qualities. But, these ornaments are made with K & Comany double sided cardstock. I purchased this paper in the States on our trip to Bellevue a couple of weeks ago. This paper has a real vingatge feel. But, I think it works for these decorations. I went around the scallop with red glitter glue. The poinsettia is from the Winter Woodlands Cartridge, and the snowflake is a cuttlebug die.
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