Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Dressed Up Cricut...Barbies and Scrapbooking

Doesn't she look so darling...I had been home all day due to my cold. Although I was creating in my room I got all excited...with my coordinations box that I got for Christmas. So, I decided to head out to the Dollar store to see if I could find some goodies for my project. Well, I also found these decals for a lap top. There were pictures on the decal packaging showing other devices that you could use it on. It was at that moment I got the brain wave to decorate my Cricut with these. I thought the birds were so darling, and that the colour pink would go perfectly with my pink cricut. Well sure enough when I got home, and put them on...they looked fantastic and so very coordinated. Now, my Cricut looks like those fancy ones that people bought after mine that were all one colour and had the pretty flourishes. It adds a little colour and interest.

Since it is the holidays, I have had a chance to spend a little more time than usual in my scrapspace. One would think that I would have been very productive. I would have many different projects to show for this down time. However, organizing, cleaning up, and doing an assessment of all the fun things I have to play with has me thinking that Scrapbooking is the Big Girl version of Barbies. When I was young, I was completely obsessed with Barbies, I loved having the motor home, the corvette, all the clothes, and all the accessories that went with my Barbies. I had tons of the stuff that I could set up a whole entire Barbie Village with my sister including a hotdog stand, winter lodge, games room, and pool. Barbie drove around with a fancy Winnebego Motorhome, and two corvettes. Barbie also had the most fabulous wardrobe. We had a special spot in the house that we played. It was out of the way, but in an area that you could still walk through.

We would spend a couple hours setting everything up...and then we got tired and leave it all out to come back to later. But, some how the prepartion and setting up seemed so much more exciting than playing Barbies.

When I look at my beautiful scrap space, and all the wonderful goodies that I have to play in here. I can't help, and think that this hobby of mine is not that different from when I was a little girl playing Barbies.

I love that I have set up a special space that I can go and scrapbook at any time. I in fact even have painted this space pink. I have a Pink Cricut Expression, which you could say is the Barbie Motorhome of the scrapbooking world. However, I started with the Corvette the "Baby Bug". I have all these wonderful things to play with, that are beautifully set up in my space and ready to use. I love the the anticipation of the creativity when I am going out to hunt for an item for a special project. Similar to setting up and geting ready to play Barbies. I then bring it home and then I find that there are some items that I haven't had any time to use yet.

And here I am in my space, ready to scrapbook, but like with Barbies...I at times seem to enjoy more admiring everything and the set-up rather than the creating itself...

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Tammy (Scrappy and T) said...

awesome .. I should decorate mine too =)

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