Saturday, December 31, 2011

Getting a Head Start on Valentines 2012 Cards

Well, I had a fabulous time at Lisa's house last night. We were two giddy school girls all excited to be playing together....No...we weren't playing Barbies...we were making Valentine Cards. For, the humour of the last sentence, you will need to read this post here about the analogy I made to playing as a little girl with my Barbie Dolls to playing and creating with paper crafts. Lisa invited me over early afternoon since she was off work early due to the holiday. She had previously sent me a picture to my Iphone showing me all the Valentine's Day stuff she had to play with. She told me to just bring my cardstock and we could create away. Well, the new philosophy I have been toying with lately is use your stash first before aquiring anything new. So, I began searching, and I found a whole bunch of pattern papers to play with, as well stamps, border punches, and inks. I gathered it altogether to make a kit. I was blown away with all the materials I had that could be used to make Valentines cards. I packed everything up, and was ready to go. However, I forgot the stamps, punches, and inks at home. Oh Well, we will have to use those another time.... However, Lisa had some great stuff to play with. I used all my own papers, but used her stamps and nestabilities to make these cards. The Bird Cage Card was made with patterned paper that I have been holding onto for two years. I was saving it for a very special project. Well, I think this is it! I haven't put sentiments on them yet because I was hoping that I might be able to use some of them for Anniversary cards.

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