Sunday, September 27, 2009

It was a Scrappy Day...

I took some time today to play in my scraproom. I had a blast!I made a baby girl card for a friend of mine. Plus completed a Baby word book to give as a little gift. I began working on some Halloween treat boxes for colleagues and scrapped with my friend Sara tonight, as we were working on her daughter's baby book. It was a fanastic way to be creative. Here are some of the projects. I am not posting the Halloween treat boxes until they are completely finished.

Friday, September 25, 2009

We Have Our Wedding Photos!

Monday Night was a very exciting day this past week, as we received our wedding photos from our photographer Jade from Jami Photography. We received all 900 of them, plus he coordinated a DVD slide show of 250 of his favourite shots of the day. There are some fantastic shots. I am so excited to have so many of these great shots. The tricky part is choosing some for the wedding album that he is making us, and then photos for the scrapbook album I plan to make, as well as the photos for the photo frames that we have ready for pictures.

I have included a few shots that I particularly liked. This would fit under the theme of "Bride Heading to the Church".

But, of course I won't be posting all 900 of them. That would be INSANE!

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Card Challenge--September 15, 2009

Today was a good Saturday. I got in a little bit of everything including sleeping in, wonderful breakfast with hubby, grocery shopping, homework, dinner with my Mom and Dad, and some card making. I wanted to do some creating in my scraproom tonight, but wasn't in the mood to work on my girly album, so I chose to make a couple of cards. Theywere baded on a challenge going on right now at the Candian Swap message boards. The first card is my interpretaion of the sketch. The second card is just what was left over from making the first card. Didn't need to purchase anything for these two cards. In fact the embellishing was made completly of scrap paper. So, that helped empthy my scrap drawer a little bit. Thank-you cards always come in handy. Thanks for checking them out!

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

New Sweet Heart's Cartriage

I bought this cartriage on the weekend, as Micheals had a fantastic sale on the cartriages. I felt I was able to splurge on it because I sold two wedding postings from craigslist. The 15 wedding centre pieces and the car decorating kit. I still have more that I am trying to sell, but I think I will repost those on the weekend. This cartirage is a new release. It couldn't have come out at the perfect time with me all excited to be making my wedding album, and gift albums. It is perfect. I don't have any pictures to scrap yet, but I wanted to try it out. A girl at work got engaged this summer. I just found out last week, and new that this was the cartriage that I wanted to use for the card. So many great things with it. So, here is my first creation. It was a pretty simple design, as I didn't have much time after my master's course tonight. But, this was a great way to unwind after a long day. Thanks for checking it out!

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Back to School 2009!

This past week was an intense but busy week, as I got back into the new routines of fall. I alwasy find it difficult to go from the summer off to the routines of school. For example, I was starving on Tuesday at 10:30. It wasn't even close to lu nch time, but I am used to eating on my own schedule. However, I got back on track by the end of the week. I received my new bunch of students late Thursday afternoon, so I have only had one comple full day with the class on Friday. Looking forward to starting a new week. But, at the same time it is challenging setting up all the new routines, as the expectations that are set now at the beginning of the year last for the whole term. However, it should be a good week. I am going to be trialing a new blog with my class this year. Please check it out here. It is a trial, so will see if it is something that works for parents. I only had a few hits over the weekend, so who knows if this will continue. But, I am going to see if it is worth completing. I am hoping that it can be used as a good communication tool between home and school.

I have an adorable story to tell about a student in my class who was all excited to be in Ms. Sanderson's class. But, I told him that I wasn't Ms. Sanderson anymore. I told the student that my new name. He was a little surprised. Later in the day, he stopped to ask me if I had the same personality as Ms. Sanderson, and I told him that yes I had the same personality and that I was the same teacher. He seemed very relieved! It is funny how children see the world literally.

I made a card this weekend for my friend Debbie's Shower.

Sunday, September 06, 2009

Girl's Night Lingerie Shower Album

My sister through me a fabulous Bridal Shower/Stagette back in July. It was a lot of fun. I wanted to make her a little album of the evening. Coincidentally, right after the shower. I saw this kit on sale at Mic heals for an extremely good price. As usually these types of kits are ridiculously overpriced. But, this one was 60% off, and worth it for all the goodies that were in it. As you can see it isn't a very large album that holds lots of pictures. So, I chose some pictures that were highlights of the evening, and I have kept my sister's point of view in mind when making it. Included everyone she knew really well from the shower. I will be making my own mini album next. So, I will include all my great girl friends who came to this fun evening! The album was a lot of fun to make as all the papers were coordinated and there were some embellishments that already were coordinated to the paper. However, I had to put my own spin on the album. This ensures that there isn't another kit like this out there that is decorated the same. And once again my cricut came in handy for this project. I don't know what I would do without my baby bug, as it is so easy to make coordinating embellishments at just the right size. I hope you like the album!

Two Birthday Cards

It's Better Late than never! With all the excitement of the wedding and honeymoon in August. I kinda got distracted with getting birthday cards organized and ready to go for family and friends. I still have two more cards to make for August, and than I have finally all caught up with what August Birthdays. I tried to be organized, but unfortunately just ran out of time. However, these are the two cards that I made for my Aunt and Uncle for their August Birthdays. At least one of them shows that I recognize how late I am with birthdays, as my Aunt's birthday was August 13th. My Uncles 60th birthday party was during our honeymoon, but his actual birthday was when were back from our honeymoon. I was the first one to phone for his birthday. (I phoned a day early!) LoL! Oh well, I am happy with how they turned out. I thought I had mailed my uncle's card but didn't. Funny thing was, I was on my way to get stamps and a printer cartridge at Staples and I saw my aunt and uncle in the line up at Staples, so I was able to hand deliver them. that couldn't have worked out better. Now, I don't have to worry whether the card and their present arrives. I developed a whole bunch more pictures today. All the great shots from our honeymoon are printed out, and some from the Girl's Night Party. I am currently working on a small project and will be sure to post pictures when I am finished.

Saturday, September 05, 2009

Craigslist Postings

I have been debating what to do with the remains of the wedding decorating. A few friends have told me to post the items on craigslist. So, I thought I would give it a try. I had no idea what to price everything. So, I will post and see what kind of action I get. I may get none, but it isn't really wedding season anymore, so that could have a lot to do with it also. But, I will try my chances, and besides if I get a little bit of money back that would be fantastic because right now it is just taking up space in the house.

Check out my Postings:

Wedding Veil - Brand New

This posting was of the practice veil that my mom made before the one she made with the actual sparkly tulle and 6o swarski crystals. So we will see if there are any takers, as at the bridal store the cheapest was $75.00.

Wedding Money Box

This was a homemade project as well. The basket which was purchased from VV boutique (Value Village) was originally a picnic basket. My dad kindly spray painted it in ivory paint, and I used my cricut to make the initials to glue gun onto the basket.

Wedding Numbers

These wedding numbers were a lot of fun to make.

Table Centre Pieces- Cylinder Vases

Wedding Car Decorating Kit

Friday, September 04, 2009

Mini Wedding Album Keepsake

Andrei's grandparents came all the way from Romania to see Andrei and I marry. They told Anyu and Apu that it is all they are living for to see their grandson get married. So, in their eighties...not speaking a word of English they came for six weeks to Canada for the wedding. Unfortunately, they will be leaving on September 14th. We will not have received our photographs from the professional photographer, so that means that they will not have an opportunity to see the photos, as we won’t be receiving the professional photos for another two weeks. So, with that in mi ind. I chose some of the best shots that were taken by a family friend, my uncle and my cousin. This album was made especially for them. Prior to making it all I had was two 12x12 pieces of raw chipboard and one sheet of patterned paper and 3 sheets of card stock. I purchased the card stock because it matched the wedding colours beautifully.

Thursday, September 03, 2009

Our First Dinner Party

Andrei and I hosted our first dinner party last night as husband and wife in our new house. I would have to say that it went very smoothly, and it appeared as though everyone had a really good time. We mangaged to fit everyone into our dining room using a borrowed table from Andrei's parents and chairs from my Uncle Carl. I made a little favour for the table with little chocolates in them. I just used what I had in the house to make them, which if anyone can see is quite a bit of items to chose from. I used a lot of my scraps for the embellishing of the items. I took the idea from Dawn's Stamping Studio, but then made it my own. I didn't have the tool that she speaks of in the video. But, I did use my design studio and cricut to get the scalloped circle. But, I am sure that if you had the nestabilities that would work just as well too.The measurements, directions and video are all found at her site to help you make your own party favors. I find these types of things a nice touch to the table setting, and they are a quick and fun thing to make when I want a project that has a start and a finish. They went well with our new china pattern dishes and our regular dishes that you can see in the photos. We christened our dishes, and it is amazing how great dinnerware makes the food even more appetizing! I was also able to reuse the purple candle holders that were on the head table at the wedding on the table as centre pieces. This weekend, I am going to try my luck selling the items on Craigslist.
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