Sunday, September 06, 2009

Two Birthday Cards

It's Better Late than never! With all the excitement of the wedding and honeymoon in August. I kinda got distracted with getting birthday cards organized and ready to go for family and friends. I still have two more cards to make for August, and than I have finally all caught up with what August Birthdays. I tried to be organized, but unfortunately just ran out of time. However, these are the two cards that I made for my Aunt and Uncle for their August Birthdays. At least one of them shows that I recognize how late I am with birthdays, as my Aunt's birthday was August 13th. My Uncles 60th birthday party was during our honeymoon, but his actual birthday was when were back from our honeymoon. I was the first one to phone for his birthday. (I phoned a day early!) LoL! Oh well, I am happy with how they turned out. I thought I had mailed my uncle's card but didn't. Funny thing was, I was on my way to get stamps and a printer cartridge at Staples and I saw my aunt and uncle in the line up at Staples, so I was able to hand deliver them. that couldn't have worked out better. Now, I don't have to worry whether the card and their present arrives. I developed a whole bunch more pictures today. All the great shots from our honeymoon are printed out, and some from the Girl's Night Party. I am currently working on a small project and will be sure to post pictures when I am finished.

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