Monday, May 22, 2006

Gotta Luv the Long Weekend!

Well, the long weekend is quickly coming to an end. What a great weekend it was! I got to do a little bit of everything, which is always good. I consider this weekend as my calm before the storm of things that will occur from now until the end of the June. I have May Day and my 28th birthday celebrations this week and on the weekend, and report cards are looming. Then there is the possibility of packing up my classroom and beginning the new school year in a new school with a new grade. ( I am in a much better head space about this then I was on Friday.) So there is lots in store for me. The next big break will be the end of June, and summer holidays.

But, I was able to socialize with family, friends, and have some down time here in my place. (I have almost lived here for a year, I can't believe it.) So, I have recharged the batteries and I am ready for what is ahead of me!

My exciting new purchace was a pair of sunglasses. They are the big rimmed sunglasses that are all the rage right now! Now I am just waiting for the sun to come back out so that I can wear them! Well, I guess it is tea time, and than I am off to bed!

Have a good week!

Saturday, May 20, 2006

Where will I be?

Well it is that time of year when all the spectulation and stress arrises. Round One of postings came out on Friday May 12th and closed Thursday, May 18th. There are a bunch of postings all over the place for Early French Immersion and temporary positions. But, I am currently a continuing teacher, looking for a job this year, and haven't been able to seem to find anything.

It is crazy how everyone gets themselves all worked out about it including me! But, to some degree it is really beyond my control. However, the thing that I can control is my cover letter that I worked on until the wee hours of the morning. It sounds pretty good!

Sunday, May 14, 2006

Happy Mother's Day

I thought I would devote today's blog entry to my Mom in honour of Mother's Day. She is the greatest. Now I know that we all say seem to say this on Mother's Day, but I am now going to say why I think she is the greatest.

My Mom is always looking out for the family. She takes special care of each and everyone of us. Whether it was being Brown Owl in the early days, or to being a superb listner to all my trials and tribulations of life in work and relationships. She always has the right thing to say to boost my spirits.

She is a fabulous cook who invites me over often for home cook dinners, since I have moved out. She even took this talent and made soup for me, so that I would have a delicious home cooked soup to take to work for soup day. From her whistling in the kitchen to her crazy rhyming songs that she can make up on a whim. She is a lot of fun to be around and spend time with! Wishing you a very Happy Mother's Day!



Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Boy Oh Boy

I stayed at work today much longer than I planned on because the PAC of our school through a seminar tonight for all parents and teachers. They had Barry Macdonald come into our school to do a 2 hr seminar on Boy Smarts. He gave lots of good information about the differences between girls and boys, most of which we really all know. Girls tend to talk more and be able to work things out and boys tend to have difficulties expressing feelings, and when they do it is quite a bit different from females. Anyways, I took away a couple of things from tonight's seminar. THe first thing that I took away was when talking to boys about a behavioural issue or a concern you have to what Barry called lay the cards down on the table. This means don't get into a big long rant and lecture about what he did was wrong and right, but to keep the beahviour issues short this is what happened this is what was wrong, and the consequences.

The other thing that I took away from tonight was the fact that boys tend to move around a lot when you are dealing with them when it comes to a discipline or management issue. Boys need to do this because the travelling of information back and forth between the boys left and right side brain is smaller than it is in girls, (this is based on brain based research) and so the boys movement is away for allowing the flow of information to go better. So, telling a boy to not do this while you are talking to him is actually a hinderance to his ability to process the information.

It was a great seminar, and I just had to share what I learned about!

Monday, May 08, 2006

Dancin the Night Away

This weekend went by like a blur. So much fun stuff to do but so little time for rest! I stayed home and vegged on Friday night and watched The Family Stone. What a great movie! I had a good cry at the end, so if you plan on seeing it have a box of tissues hand. I recommend it.

Saturday I had brunch with my Mom, Dad, and sister at a whole in the wall restaurant in Coquitlam! Great breakfast and great prices! It was fun! I then when shopping with Julie, as she needed Spring Work clothes. I bought a sexy and cute black top to wear out on Saturday night. My Aunt and Uncle were in town, as they just arrived home from their Panama Cruise, so Mom and Dad had them and my grandparents over for dinner. We had a delicious dinner, and then it was off to the Foggy Dew for dancing!

It was my turn to be the designated driver, so you never quite sure how the night is going to turn out. But, what a fun night it was! We all danced the night away. It also seemed like a bit of a highschool reunion, as there were many familiar faces from highschool. Also some newer familiar faces there as well. Squamish white water rafting must have its headquarters there! Hmm, interesting!

Anyways, I had a fun time and am looking forward to the Girl's Night Out for my birthday on Saturday May 27th, but I haven't decided where to go yet. I am trying to decide whether to keep it local, or head off downtown somewhere. But, I still have some time to decide yet!

The weekend concluded with the celebartion of my Uncle Dinno's birthday. We had a great lunch and another visit with the family. It was nice to come back to work today, so that I could just recoperate!
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