Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Boy Oh Boy

I stayed at work today much longer than I planned on because the PAC of our school through a seminar tonight for all parents and teachers. They had Barry Macdonald come into our school to do a 2 hr seminar on Boy Smarts. He gave lots of good information about the differences between girls and boys, most of which we really all know. Girls tend to talk more and be able to work things out and boys tend to have difficulties expressing feelings, and when they do it is quite a bit different from females. Anyways, I took away a couple of things from tonight's seminar. THe first thing that I took away was when talking to boys about a behavioural issue or a concern you have to what Barry called lay the cards down on the table. This means don't get into a big long rant and lecture about what he did was wrong and right, but to keep the beahviour issues short this is what happened this is what was wrong, and the consequences.

The other thing that I took away from tonight was the fact that boys tend to move around a lot when you are dealing with them when it comes to a discipline or management issue. Boys need to do this because the travelling of information back and forth between the boys left and right side brain is smaller than it is in girls, (this is based on brain based research) and so the boys movement is away for allowing the flow of information to go better. So, telling a boy to not do this while you are talking to him is actually a hinderance to his ability to process the information.

It was a great seminar, and I just had to share what I learned about!

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strawberrygirl said...

Love your blog title! Can u email me...your addy got deleted somehow and your old one is there now. I emailed u a get well card the other day...did u get it?

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