Monday, May 08, 2006

Dancin the Night Away

This weekend went by like a blur. So much fun stuff to do but so little time for rest! I stayed home and vegged on Friday night and watched The Family Stone. What a great movie! I had a good cry at the end, so if you plan on seeing it have a box of tissues hand. I recommend it.

Saturday I had brunch with my Mom, Dad, and sister at a whole in the wall restaurant in Coquitlam! Great breakfast and great prices! It was fun! I then when shopping with Julie, as she needed Spring Work clothes. I bought a sexy and cute black top to wear out on Saturday night. My Aunt and Uncle were in town, as they just arrived home from their Panama Cruise, so Mom and Dad had them and my grandparents over for dinner. We had a delicious dinner, and then it was off to the Foggy Dew for dancing!

It was my turn to be the designated driver, so you never quite sure how the night is going to turn out. But, what a fun night it was! We all danced the night away. It also seemed like a bit of a highschool reunion, as there were many familiar faces from highschool. Also some newer familiar faces there as well. Squamish white water rafting must have its headquarters there! Hmm, interesting!

Anyways, I had a fun time and am looking forward to the Girl's Night Out for my birthday on Saturday May 27th, but I haven't decided where to go yet. I am trying to decide whether to keep it local, or head off downtown somewhere. But, I still have some time to decide yet!

The weekend concluded with the celebartion of my Uncle Dinno's birthday. We had a great lunch and another visit with the family. It was nice to come back to work today, so that I could just recoperate!

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strawberrygirl said...

OMG Rachel!!!!! You are so funny:) Maybe he was doing PR work....LOL:) Anyways, don't give my hometown a bad name girl:) SQUAMISH RULES!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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