Monday, March 26, 2007

Home Sweet Home!

Well, all good things come to an end, and this is what happened yesterday when I returned home from Spring Break Holidays in Arizona. The weather was incredible. Getting lots of Vitamin D and a bit of tan is definitely good for the soul. When I return from this Spring Break trip I am always ready for the celebration of Spring, so I decided to pull out the Spring Wardrobe. It feels good to get those Spring Clothes on. However, it is a quite a bit cooler home. I did manage to bring the sun home, but I was unable to make sure the temperature was what it was when I left. But, it was great to return to sun. The smell of Spring is in the air and I am looking forward to the good weather ahead!

Saturday, March 24, 2007

Final Day of Fun!

Well, I have just about come to the end of my holiday. I have been doing a wide variety of activities and I am really enjoying the visit with my Mom and Dad. I don't think I am quite as pasty as I was when I arrived. But, my suitcase is a whole lot fuller than it was when I came down. It is fun clothes shopping down here because you can buy different things down here that you wouldn't be able to get at home. A lot of the clothes though are spring and summer wear, so the problem is I won't be able to wear it when I get home right away. I have also had a lot of fun at the Craft stores down here. I got a lot of good deal on paper and embellishments and Cricut cartriages, so I am looking forward to having some creative play time at home. I have completed one paper bag album that I plan on having my trip pictures in before I even get home tomorrow. We are heading out for lunch shortly and I am going to get the photos developed before I even leave here. Isn't digital great. I have made a paper bag album down here for the photos. I have made so many of these albums, but this is the first one I am keeping for myself.

Well, there is some sun still left here to enjoy. Gotta go soak it all in before tomrrow!

Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Fun in the Sun!

Wll, the temperature is still quite warm here. But I thought that I would share some more photos of my holiday advetures thus far. I have been teasing Mom and Dad because they seem to have an intinerary for me! Everyone down here is telling me that I am still very pasty. However, I think it is very difficult to get tanned when you are hiding in the shade and wearing 60 sunblock. It is great to be a way and unwinding from my work adventures. It will be great to have the batteries all recharged for next Monday!

Sunday, March 18, 2007

Arrived Safely in Arizona

Well, I had a good flight on Saturday. It was a long day, and it is good to be here. But, it is always an adventure when I travel! I dropped off my luggage and this is when the forshadowning occured. The check-in clerk said that I better use one of their tags to label my suitcase in case the their tag fell off. Well, I did that and then continued on to customs. I cleared customs very fast, and then put my luggage on the belt. For some reason, as I put it on the belt I thought to myself and said to my suitcase "Don't get lost now!" But, my luggage disobeyed me! It got to go on an adventure to Memphis Tennese. I arrived early at the Yuma airport, so Mom and Dad weren't there yet. But, I thought I would have all my luggage by the time they arrived. But, the belt stopped and there was no suitcase, and then the US airways rep told me that there was no more luggage off the plane, so to meet him at the counter to file a claim. Well, that was frustrating after having a long day of travelling. However, I wasn't stuck and thought that it was just another opportunity to buy some new clothes if the luggage didn't arrive. US Airways quickly tracked my luggage and it arrived this afternoon at 1:00. An hour and half early than anticipated , so I smell a lot nicer now!

Sunday, March 11, 2007

Report Card Mayham!

Well, I didn't think I would be able to do it. But, some how I managed to complete my report cards this weekend. The big chunk of them is done now! All I have to do now is look over and make any fine tune changes!

Spring Break Vacation to Arizonoa is only six sleeps!

Saturday, March 10, 2007

Julie's Week of Birthday Celebrations!

Well, admist the Report Card season, my baby sister celebrated her 27th birthday. The fact that she is 27 seems scary because that means my 29th birthday is close on its way. However, I have never known a person who can turn a one day affair into a week affair. It has been an ongoing fun thing to tease her about, as my Mom and Dad are away for her birthday every year for the last few years. So, to compensate Julie is able to turn her one special day into four different days, and her sister goes along for the fun as well. However, I am just not what I used to be!

Birthday Night #1:
It all started with the first visit on Sunday night, the day after I had completed a marathon with report cards. I had some relatives over for cake and tea to celebrate Julie's birthday. It was a fun evening with good conversation.

Birthday Night #2:
Monday night was an evening at my Grandpa and Grandma's because my Grandma is unable to drive in the dark to my house. We had a wonderful supper at their house! Yummy desserts as always.

Birthday Night #3:
Tuesday Night was Julie's real birthday day. She invited all her friends out to a Greek Restaurant in Mallairdville for dinner. I did a bit of birthday shopping before the party, and then I spent the evening with great company and food.

Busy Day #4
I had a dentist appointment right afterschool, and then went home to work on report cards. In hindsight, I should of just taken the evening off, but I want to get them done before Spring Break.

Birthday Night #4.
Thursday night was suppose to include a birthday celebration with my Aunt, Uncle, and Cousin. But, unfortunately my exhaustion caught up with me! We had a birthday drive for Julie, but have made plans to reschedule! Anyways, I should have taken Strawberries advice to not over do it. But, I only seem to be able to go all out!

Saturday, March 03, 2007

Procrastination and Report Cards

Report Card season has fast approached me and I am starting my first session today!. However, you can see at the momment that I am somewhat procrastinating.I had plans to work on them on Friday Night. But, my friend Debbie and I ended hanging out until about 9:00 after work chatting and procrastinating together. But, we justified it as we needed the real break for today's big session. I went to bed quite early for a Friday night, so now I am sitting at my computer ready to begin. I am just waiting for the tea to boil and then I will start. (Ooops, getting a little toooo detailed there, but part if it really stems from the procrasination on my part. I have a whole plan of attack and hopefully this will get me all prepared and have them completed before Spring Break, so I can coast into Spring Break all relaxed in the Sunshine!


 Student Behaviour
 Emotional and Social Development
 Physical Education
 Science
 Computers
 Ways to Support Learning

MONDAY to FRIDAY March 5th to March 9th, 2007
 Look over Book Club
 Look over Journals
 Look over Literacy Labs
 Mark Math

 Language Arts and Math
 Opening Comment

MONDAY to FRIDAY March 11th to March 16th, 2007
 Completing Any Odds and Ends to Report Cards.
 Proofreading Report Cards.
 Ways to Support Learning

Wish Me Luck as I head into my Office Cocoon! Thank goodness the weather is the pits, as this keeps me motivated!

Thursday, March 01, 2007

Jenn's Birthday Party at Pallioti's

Well, I have been receiving some suggestions from my blog fan to make sure that she gets mentioned in my blog, so I have decided to do a feature on Jennifer's Birthday, which was last Saturday Night. Althought this wasn't the actual day, I thought I would still talk about the event. However, I want everyone to note that I have done a feature on Jennifer's birthday last year, and this can be seen in the archives!!!

Anyways, a group of girls all met for a lovely dinner to celebrate Jennifer's birthday. We stayed local this time, as the last two years have been at Joey Tomatoes on Lougheed Highway. We tried a restaurant out in Maple Ridge called Pallioti's. Anyways, it came with great reviews from others, and if you love Italian food this is the place to go. It was a smaller restaurant that looked like it might have been a house at some point. It was definitely a popular place to go, as there were line-ups for as long as we stayed therefor dinner from about 6:00 to 9:30. So many options on the menu! We had a great chat session, and Jen received some great gifts!

It was a fun evening!
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