Saturday, March 24, 2007

Final Day of Fun!

Well, I have just about come to the end of my holiday. I have been doing a wide variety of activities and I am really enjoying the visit with my Mom and Dad. I don't think I am quite as pasty as I was when I arrived. But, my suitcase is a whole lot fuller than it was when I came down. It is fun clothes shopping down here because you can buy different things down here that you wouldn't be able to get at home. A lot of the clothes though are spring and summer wear, so the problem is I won't be able to wear it when I get home right away. I have also had a lot of fun at the Craft stores down here. I got a lot of good deal on paper and embellishments and Cricut cartriages, so I am looking forward to having some creative play time at home. I have completed one paper bag album that I plan on having my trip pictures in before I even get home tomorrow. We are heading out for lunch shortly and I am going to get the photos developed before I even leave here. Isn't digital great. I have made a paper bag album down here for the photos. I have made so many of these albums, but this is the first one I am keeping for myself.

Well, there is some sun still left here to enjoy. Gotta go soak it all in before tomrrow!

1 comment:

dinno said...

I hope you brought some sunshine home with you. welcome back.
cant wait to see you again

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