Sunday, March 18, 2007

Arrived Safely in Arizona

Well, I had a good flight on Saturday. It was a long day, and it is good to be here. But, it is always an adventure when I travel! I dropped off my luggage and this is when the forshadowning occured. The check-in clerk said that I better use one of their tags to label my suitcase in case the their tag fell off. Well, I did that and then continued on to customs. I cleared customs very fast, and then put my luggage on the belt. For some reason, as I put it on the belt I thought to myself and said to my suitcase "Don't get lost now!" But, my luggage disobeyed me! It got to go on an adventure to Memphis Tennese. I arrived early at the Yuma airport, so Mom and Dad weren't there yet. But, I thought I would have all my luggage by the time they arrived. But, the belt stopped and there was no suitcase, and then the US airways rep told me that there was no more luggage off the plane, so to meet him at the counter to file a claim. Well, that was frustrating after having a long day of travelling. However, I wasn't stuck and thought that it was just another opportunity to buy some new clothes if the luggage didn't arrive. US Airways quickly tracked my luggage and it arrived this afternoon at 1:00. An hour and half early than anticipated , so I smell a lot nicer now!

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JoAnn said...

Hi Rachel
Always something to travelling isn't there? These are the things that make it so interesting...hahaha
Hope you had a great trip and enjoyed the sunshine, although I see the temps were in high 90 and 100's...melting temps...but you can jump in the pool and cool off...ahhh..feels so good.
Hope you are refreshed after your holiday week and had lots of rest.
Hope to see you soon...Love, JoAnn.

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