Monday, March 29, 2010

Cricut Goodies from US!

My Mom and Dad have arrived home from Arizona. My husband and I went for a visit, and scored a pizza dinner as well. I also picked up my cricut goodies that I purchased while they were in Arizona. There was a fantastic sale on at Custom Crops and then Cricut Machine. I got the stuff delievered to Mom and Dad, and the brought it home for me. I have been playing with the new Tags Bags, Boxes, and More cartriage, and plan on making some projects with it. I might even do a video. I am so excited that I finally got this cartriage, and it works great with the baby bug. Some of the boxes are small. But, when you are dealing with a favour box. I don't think it has to be really large! I am currently making a whole bunch of samples. When I have a chance...I will post pictures of the sizes for you baby bug owners!

Scrapping Stuff at Chapters?

Yes, that is correct! They now have scrap stuff at chapters. Who would have thought! I went to Chapters to use a gift card that I had received for Christmas from my students. I gave a lot of it to my husband to buy some Cesar Millan books. But, there weren't any real books that I wanted. I was most interested in scrap topics. But, to be honest with the wealth of information here on the blog, I couldn't justify the expense of a magazine. So, I decided to purchase these goodies. A Sweet Stack die cut pack, sweet stack glitter stack( perfect fro cards), and a 12 x 12 Green stack with a whole bunch of nature stuff!

The prices were really good too! So, I can't wait to make some creations!

Sunday, March 28, 2010

My Newest Card Creations...

This weekend has been a bit slwoer of a weekend because I have two peer reviews to write. So, I had an opportunity to do some creating in my scraproom. I wanted to use up the Anya Butterfly images that I have been trying different colouring techniques with, and then I also had a few other images that were given to me that I wanted to play with as well. So, here are the cards that I created. I also have made a bunch of Easter cards as well, but I won't be posting those until Easter. I don't want anyone to see these cards who might be receiving one! ;-) I had filmed a video of this card as well, but unforunately lost it. I haven't figured out how that happened. But, do plan on filming another video in the next few days.

Thanks for stopping by!

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Let's Get Crafty Episode # 13: Acrylic Mini Album

I am very excited to showcase this Mini Acrylic Wedding Album. These projects are always a challenge. But, worth all the work.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Anya Butterfly and Gloria's Card Sketch

This card was made as a challenge from Canadian Scrap N Swap Board. The idea being that I as to make a card using the card sketch. I have adapted it a little but definitely use that for my inspiration!
It was a lot of fun to do! I have been experimenting lots with colouring these little stamps. This one was on water colour paper. I coloured with water colour pencil crayons. Then use my aqua brush.
To complete it all I used my big felt set from Micheals years back to do some outline for definition. I am trying to figure out if I NEED to begin investing in copics! I have some other cards that I have experimented. I am not sold on them yet, but will see!
Thanks for stopping by!

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Butterfly Anya Box Set

Last night near the end of the evening, I started colouring these adorable new stamps from the Greeting Farm. I love these little gals, and they are so fun to colour. Now... I don't own Copics, and I am still really unsure about the investment, so I just used the big box of markers that I have here in my scraproom. I still think they look cute!

I used glitter on the wings to pretty them up, and I am amazed by what a little glitter can do.

Cards Made on a Way to a Clean Scraproom

Tonight was a time to relax and just enjoy my time with my husband and then my scraproom. I need some down time until I get started on my big 25 literature review that I need to have completed by Tuesday. I think I can do, and I will. But, I had been so busy this week with report cards and such that I didn't have a lot of time for paper. So, it will be a marathon weekend.

However, I did have some fun tonight in my scraproom. I made this cards with the goodies that were taken up space on my desk. It was a lot of fun to make these few cards.

Once my desk is clean though it doesn't stay clean forever. I have taken some new Greeting Farm stamps, and coloured them with some Crayola and other shades of markers that I have. It is by no means copics, but they don't look to bad. I am going to try my prang artist pencils and water colour pencils with my next scrap session because I didn't want to mess up my room that fast!

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

I think I found My Flower Style

so I always need time to relax and take my mind off of school when I get home so late in the evening. So, today I decided that I would play with the flowers. I tried punches I tried the cricut, and I ended up with a design I am very happy with. I ended up using one of the videos that Dolly found from a link to the video that I posted earlier today. I am so thankful that I actually found something that I can use. Phew! Thank goodness for that!

THe swap isn't due until May 15th, so I have lots of time. But, now I can cut the materials and make them slowly when I have a few minutes here and there! I am very happy with the results! Yahooo!

So the flower that I have decided to go with is the first one. To mix it up a little I used the flower from the cricut paisley cartriage. It has some fantastic flowers on it. I embossed the flower with my new Sizzix embossing folder, and then I decided to ink edges. For the final small flower I used my Marvy punch. (Which I rarely use because I have the cricut.) But, it is always good to have on hand. Then for the greens of the flower. I used the leaf from the stretch your imagination cartriage. I used a stylus to add dimention. Although I am going to play with this a little bit more to see if I can get the flowers to hold their shape a little better. But, at least I have the basic design now!

Flower Swap Ideas

I have joined a flower swap at the message boards, and they goal is that they should look like a real flower. I have to make 21 of whatever I make in the same colour. I have been looking for ideas, so that they are not gawdy looking. This video I found on my lunch break and didn't want to loose it, so I thought I would post it here!

Monday, March 15, 2010

Playing for the Flower Swap

I have signed up for a flower swap at the Canadian ScrapNSwap Message boards. I have been trying a few different ideas out. I am not sure what I am going to do yet. But, I think this will be something I work on once my course work is done!

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Cupcake Swap

I hosted a Cupcake Swap over at the Canadian ScrapnSwap Message Board. There were seven us altogether in the swap. I just put these in the mail yesterday, so they are on their way to their homes. Didn't everyone do a fabulous job! They all coordinate so well, despite there not being a particular colour theme

40th Birthday Card and Cake Topper

One of my sister's coworker is having a 40th birthday party this weekend. Julie is making a special birthday cake cupcake for her.

She is using a cake pan that is designed to make a cake look like a cupcake. It is pretty neat! She asked if I could make the numvers 40 to go on her cake, and as well I offered to make a matching card!

Looks pretty neat I think!

Friday, March 12, 2010

3x3 Card Box with Matching Envelopes and Bird Cards

I wanted to make a little gift for my Auntie Shirley for her birthday. She said no gifts, so I thought that it wouldn't count if I made something for her. I found this cute 3x3 box pattern online, and thought it would make a greal little gift with some cards. I used some various bird stamps that I had stamped and already coloured. I had a lot of fun making this. I am currently trying to figure out a pattern to make a bigger size box. Wish me luck! When I figure it out, I think I will post the details here and create a video for them as well.


US Shopping Trip

Andrei and I went to the US on Wednesday as part of our Spring Break Day trip. It was a lot of fun! We did some shopping at the outlets, and then visited my two favourite craft stores Joannes and Micheals. We went to target, and then had a lovely dinner at the Red Lobster. We didn't get home until 11:00p.m. It was a fabuous day. I bought a few goodies as well.

The carrier was 10.00 were a 50% off coupon. I plan on taking some more scrap classes, so this will come in handy to take things to my class. Or, when I go up to my Mom's to scrap!

The DCWV Glitter Sweet Stack was on sale too 10.00 for 48 sheets of thick cardstock.

The Envelopes I used a 40% off coupon with.

The Fiskars Apron border punch was a great price too at 40% off.

Then two studo g stamps, some love looking ones and an easer set, for the goodies I plan on making for Easter! I can't wait to play with my goodies!

Sunday, March 07, 2010

3 Card on a Way to a Clean Scraproom

Andrei is at work tonight, so I thought I would spend some time cleaning up in my scraproom after all the creating that I have done in the last couple of days! I have been creating up a storm and a whirlwind of a mess. However, as I clean up, I like to challenge myself to use the odds and ends that are around to clean up the mess. So, this is what I did tonight. I was able to make up three different cards with the odds and ends that were around. Two of the cards were some goodies that I had received from Robin with her cupcake goodies, so I guess that is cheating a little. But, it was fun to say the least!

Saturday, March 06, 2010

Scraptastic of a Day!

Oragami Style Album

Mini Foldable Album

I just have to tell you about my wonderful morning at Take a closer look at the inside of the Album Pick of the Patch on Schoolhouse in Coquitlam. It is a small little scrapbooking store...that holds fabulous scrap classes. Since Pick of the Patch took over I haven't taken any classes there. However, I am fascinated by Mini Albums, and when I received their email that they are hosting a class on the first Saturday of Spring Break. I thought perfect. I don't have a big panic on report cards and I go go and enjoy a fun morning. Well, let me tell your for $12.00 it was well worth it. THe class went from 10:00 this morning until 2:00. We made two full ablums. We could chose the paper we wanted to use for our Album. I thought that was a fantastic option, as I have never been to a class where that has happened! Although, I did like the paper of the albums chosen to us, as they were green spring colours. I ended up going for a flower and paisely theme with pink in it, and then a bright album with butterflies and birds. (I knew I had some stamps at home that would match. I completely fell in love with every thing. My creative juices are just a flowing. I am in the work of embellishing and decorating one of the albums. Since so many of my friends are having babies, I thought it would make a fantastic little gift at some point.

Let's Get Crafty Episode # 12: Home Decor Canvas Project

The room to my scraprrom had a hook attached to it that we couldn't take off when the door was first painted last summer. So, I decided to create a home deocor project that would hang from the door, and indicate that the room behind the door was a place to create and scrapbook. I kept with a pink and brown theme to the project, to match my scraproom.

I enjoyed creating this project! Wish I could make more!

Home Decor Wedding Keepsake Shadow Box Frame

I have had the materials for quite awhile to make his shadow box keepsake frame. But, just haven't taken the time to complete it because I was stuck with design of this. I made this a couple of weeks ago, but just haven't posted the project. The letters were from the cake topper that I made using my Cricut and the Storybook cartrirage. I also made the wedding invitations and was quite happy to frame all my hard work. Can you believe that I made 90 of those! wonder I was busy last year. The garter was the one that wore, as I had two of them. One for the toss and for Andrei later! ;)

I used our wedding coours and a bit of bling. I chose this picture instead of a cake picuture, as Andrei and I are not sensual cake eaters. To be honest, I more worried about chocolate cake spilling on my white wedding dress.

Let's Get Crafty Episode # 11: Gable Box with Strawberry

I love making 3D paper crafts. However, I don't own a Cricut Expression. However, this hasn't stopped me from making decent size boxes. This Gable Box I found at PaperScrapz. They have a ton of great templates. It may take a little more time to complete all a whole group of them without the cricut expression. But, well worth the time, as there is little investment. Thanks for watching!

Thursday, March 04, 2010

Let's Get Crafty Episode # 10: Wild Card Cartriage and Baby Bug...Tweety Card and Envelope

I enjoy making these videos. There are so many tutorials out there that are suited to the Expression. However, not all of us cricutes have the expression. So, I am trying to help out sharing my knowledge with the baby bug. Great projects can be made using the Expression. Size doesn't always matter! LOL!

Happy Crafting

Wednesday, March 03, 2010

Back to SFU Class & Hanging out until Spring Break

It was back to class last night, as the Olympic Break was over. It almost felt like starting a brand new class again. It was quite bizarre really. I was able to talk to my prof about an upcoming paper, so that definitely helped calm the nerves. However, I am tired today, as having that little brek off gave me a taste of what not being in school will be like

Only Two more mornings until Spring Break, and I am really looking forward to time off. I have a couple of scrappy projects planned. One of them is finishing off my special wedding acrylic album. Then, I would like to work on a Wedding Gift Album for my In-Laws. If only I could get Andrei to look at the wedding pictures one more time to help pick out the favourites. I am also very excited about a mini album class that I am attending at a local scrapbook store called Pick of the Patch. I haven't taken a class in a long time, so it will be fantastic to be surround by people who love to create just as much as I do. Then I will be swapping out the cupcake swap that I hosted on the Canadian Scrap and Chat Message Boards. I will be sure to post pictures of all the fabulous creations.

Well, off to bed. I plan on working on report cards tomorrow!
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