Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Has Nesting Started...Perhaps!

I have wanted or envisioned this project for quite some time! These little owl tags were made with my Cricut using the Hoot an Holler Cricut cartridge. They were quite easy to make! Just adds a small touch to owl theme as well as organization to the change table area and the closet? These baskets were repurposed from my classroom! I washed them all and they fit beautifully into my change table and closet space. I love that I didn't have to spend more money on baskets! 

I also got Andrei to set up the play pen, and it is now in our bedroom! It is already for baby. I think we may have him or her sleep in our room for a little bit! Particularly so if it is hot like it has been in these last few days because I don't want baby to get overheated upstairs in the nursery.

Woot woot.....found my tripod

I have been racking my brain as to where my tri-pod could have disappeared to! I haven't been able to make movies without it. I mean that isn't the only reason I haven't made videos, as my pregnancy has consumed me a lot since I have been so sick throughout. But, I have been struggling to thnk or when was the last time that I used it!  Well, my husband and I were nesting together organizing our pantry and visual storage room. A box almost fell and we both panicked not knowing what was inside of it! I realized it was the box of photobooth props. I looked inside and sure enough I found my tripod. I used it almost a year ago for my Dads 65th birthday. Anyways, it has been found, and I can now make my video show casing my girls night out mini album.

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Wow! I am a winner!

Fantabulous Cricut

I just went to check out my favorite challenge blog and discovered that I am a winner! I haven't crafted in so long, nor have I posted to challenges and I get back I to the game and get this lovely surprise! Thank- you fantabulous cricut!

Friday, July 19, 2013

Bridal Shower Thank-You Card

My aunt, Uncle, and cousin are throwing a Home and Garden Shower form my sister on Saturday. I think I am safe saying that here because it is a surprise and my sister never reads my blog.....she is a Facebook girl. I have been making all sorts of projects for her. She is a DIY bride, but realistically she is a give it to someone else to DIFH ( Do it For Her) . This project is actually a surprise object! She knows nothing about it! I made these out of the goodness of my heart! She is going to need Thank you cards, and I love making cards! This card uses quite a few Cricut cartridges including Sweethearts, Bloom Lite, and Walk in my Garden. I used my gypsy to set the scene, so all the elements fit together! I am quite happy with this card and entering it into the Fantabulous Cricut Challenge #169 Set the Scene. Thanks for stopping by and taking a look!

Later today, I plan on posting a mini album that I made for my sister yesterday to keep her bachelorette party pictures in. The album is girlie and fun!

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Summer Evening Family Walk

Andrei suggested we go for a walk with Redley when he came home from work. Our pace and distance is significantly reduced, and as embarrassing as this is to admit.....I can't keep up to Redley's pace. But, it still felt good to get out and the swelling in my feet was reduced as a result of getting some exercise! I enjoy these summer evening outings with my husband and dog!

Sunday, July 14, 2013

Tiffany Blue Bridal Shower


Today we celebrated my sister's upcoming wedding in September with a Bridal Shower. It was hosted by her very good friend Jessica and her mother Helen. The party was absolutely outstanding! Everything was so meticulously thought out! I tried to take as many pictures as I could! Lots of wonderful games and food and great company! A lovely time was had by all!

Monday, July 08, 2013

Just in Time...A New Cricut Cartridge for a Baby Book

I know....I know....I have quite an extensive Cricut cartridge collection! But, I am preparing to make a baby book for bump here! I saw this one on a quick trip to Michaels. It is a new release cartridge that I haven't heard of before! The cartridges are on sale this week, so it is a little tempting! However, I always like to do research on cartridges now to see if it is a cartridge that is useful rather than an impulse buy! Let's just say I am very impressed and pleasantly surprised with the versatility with this cartridge! I think it is worth purchasing! You can followed the suggested page layouts that are predesigned, and even give you exact cut sizes to create the layout, or use all the different elements on their own to create your own beautiful pages! I also enjoy how simple the cuts are as it will allow for great looking pages without too much effort when I only have 40 minutes or so to put a page together! So, I am definitely putting this cart on my must have list!

Sunday, July 07, 2013

Snuggles with Redley

Spending time together! Redley loves snuggling! Except it is a little trickier for him now that bump is  bigger! He also gets very hot as we are two heaters with these hot temperatures!

Shower Bella Card

Before it got too hot in my craft studio, I decided to play and have some fun creating! I made two shower cards, but I forgot to take a picture of that one! If I remember, I will take one at the shower. I also wrapped one of the presents already! Let's just say sitting on the floor is a little tricky when 8 months pregnant, but I got the job done!  I haven't used my stamping Bella stamps in quite awhile! So, it was fun to play with them! I think I am going to use this stamp for the Thankyou card I am going to design! 

Tuesday, July 02, 2013

Surviving the Heat

Wow! The temperatures we are having here are intense! I can't believe how hot it has been, and let me tell you pregnancy and heat are not the best combinations! The first day of the heat wave, I suffered a terrible heat rash. However, yesterday it was a better day, as I spent time in my maternity bathing suit and had my husband mist me with the hose! Boy did that ever help bump and I to feel more comfortable!

We have a lot of projects on the go right now, and unfortunately it has been too hot to do  anything in the baby's room or scrap room! I am 33 weeks today, so the time is ticking! But, I has e been enjoying taking it easy and not having to work! Naps are my best friend!
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