Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Woot woot.....found my tripod

I have been racking my brain as to where my tri-pod could have disappeared to! I haven't been able to make movies without it. I mean that isn't the only reason I haven't made videos, as my pregnancy has consumed me a lot since I have been so sick throughout. But, I have been struggling to thnk or when was the last time that I used it!  Well, my husband and I were nesting together organizing our pantry and visual storage room. A box almost fell and we both panicked not knowing what was inside of it! I realized it was the box of photobooth props. I looked inside and sure enough I found my tripod. I used it almost a year ago for my Dads 65th birthday. Anyways, it has been found, and I can now make my video show casing my girls night out mini album.

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