Saturday, March 21, 2009

Inspiration Card

I found this card at the Hero Arts Blog. They post a whole bunch of great stuff, and have a fabulous design team. I wanted to do a card similar to this. But, only use my own supplies. I can't go and buy anything. Check back later to see what I come up with!


Well, here is my version of the card. I don't have the same stamps as the one in this card, but it has the same overall look! I hope you like it!

Colouring with Water Colour Pencils

I have been having fun playing with my water colour pencils. I have two different sets of them. I chose to go this way instead of buying those WAY expensive Copic Markers. If I get better at colouring maybe one day I will go the copic route. But, for now I am very happy with the results. The key to the using water colour pencils effectively has to be with the water barrel brushes. These brushes you fill with water and then spread the water colour pencils around. It definitely is the way to go! You don't necessarily have to use water colour paper to color your images, as all of the images above are just regular heavy weight cardstock. However, when the water colour paper is used, the effect is so much more blended. Great when more colours are involved with your image.

Friday, March 20, 2009

Whoooo Loves You....

I have been playing lots with my water colour pencils and colouring lots of different images. However, now I have all these stamped images to use and I need ideas for cards. Well, I seem to love birds these days, even owls. It seems that you either love'em or despis'em. But, I have a soft spot for these little guys. I think they look adorable as a couple. I made three of these cards. Once again, I was using scraps from my scrap paper drawer. But, it still seems every full, and difficult to open. I have house work to do now, and then I need to finish up my paper for my course. Then I think I will come back and play later tonight. Thanks for looking!

Card Challenge for Myself # 2

This sketch was posted at the message board I enjoy visiting. It is a fun place to share ideas. My challenge to myself is to make this card in three different colour tones to use some of the large flowers that I have in my flower collection. They will most likely be girly cards, but hey I will get some more cards done. Check back to see what I come up with.

Little Books

So, I have all these odds and ends of things, and I am trying to use up scraps from my paper box, and little goodies that I have collected here and there. Here is such another project. These were really quick and easy to make thanks to my darling cricut! I love that little machine, as it makes diecuts so quickly. I bought these little books at the dollar store over a year ago to alter. But, I never knew what to do with the little things. I had the best intentions, but then I don't know what to do with them after I make them. But, I have a plan for these little guys! Thanks for checking them out!

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Easter Box

I saw this box on Cindy's Site Imagine That except that her box was all decorated for Valentine's Day. I really liked it! Then I saw Vanessa's Easter boxes on her blog Lovin' Life and Scrappin It. I don't have the cricut cartriage she used to make her boxes, so I thought that I would combine the template from Cindy's Box with the elements of Vanessa's box. However, I totally ended up with a completely different looking box. But, I love it just the same. I am going to put some cute little Easter treats in it, and I think I will then give it to my Grandma for an Easter present. Thanks for checking out my project!

What it is Thursday already?

Wow! I remember Spring Break as a child, and I certainly do not remember it going by this fast! Mind you I didn't have all the adult responsibilities that I have today! Wedding planning, House hunting, Report Cards, and Master's coursework is among the many things that I have on my plate these days. I suppose they all help the time to go by very fast. However, they aren't always balanced as smoothly as I appear to. But, my rest at Spring Break. That is not working while having to do all the above list of items has allowed me to rest and regroup, and think about what I need to focus on in this last term of the school year that will be inconjunction with many of the big and exciting life changes that will be occuring simultaneously or in the very near future.

Even though it is Thursday, I have a lot to show for my Spring Break.
1.) I have looked at about 25 houses with Andrei.
2.) I spent some quality time with Andrei.
3.) I spent some quality time with my sister, during a shopping marathon as we both shop for things for the big changes in our life.
4.) I found the person that will be making our wedding cake, and we are just working out the details of the looks and taste of the cake.
5.) Visited with my Aunt, Uncle, and Cousin, which is always a lot of laughs and fun.
6.) I will be meeting with the florist tomorrow to talk about some of our needs for flowers for the big day.
7.) I have worked on my Final project, and by tomorrow should be finished.
8.) I will have started my report cards by the end of the weekend, and will finish them the following weekend.

Wow There are only 9 days to spring break when you tack on the two weekend days, and look at how much I have completed. No wonder the time is going by so fast! I think I am going to play in my scraproom tonight, as I have a few projects that I am working on for Easter, so I would like to finish those up! I think I will only post some of them, and will post the remainder of them after Easter, so it is a surprise to you.

Best Wishes to you all!

Monday, March 16, 2009

Spring Break Arrives!

Thank goodness Spring Break has arrived! I honestly didn't think I would make it. But, alas here it is already the end of Monday and it goes so fast. This weekend was a house hunting weekend. Andrei and I have already looked at about 15 houses. It has been a marathon. It is very difficult to find what we are looking for. It is all about compromising, and figuring out what our priorites are. We have looked at many different kinds of houses. Some of the places we looked in the conditions were absolutley disgusting. It is hard to believe that people live in those kind of conditions. Yuck! So, we have a few more to look at tomorrow, and then we know what the inventory is like. The pictures look so different from the actual house itself. Very exciting times, but exhausting at the same time! I hope all you teachers are having a fabulous Spring Break!

Sunday, March 08, 2009

St. Patrick Day Candy Wrappers

There are so many great people out there who post some of their creative ideas to make. When I am procrastinating from assignments, I always enjoy looking around to see what is available to make. I have found so many great ideas from Dawn. Another one of her fabulous tutorials. Although this is a St. Patricks Day theme, there are so many other possibilities that one could make with this. Tonight, I prepped everything that I needed to prep, as I am going to make some of these for special friends. I will post pictures of them when I am finished. I just need to buy the Kit Kat Bars tomorrow!

So, I bought the Kit Kat Bars at the Dollarama in New Westminster. I couldn't resist that I bought four more to make. These are so much fun and so pretty. In hindsight, they would have made great wedding favours, but I have something on the go already for the wedding. I just hope the gals I give them to like them. I made 10 in all! Phew... that was fun!

Saturday, March 07, 2009

My Personal Card Sketch Challenge

This weekend I have been playing with my new Bella Stamps and Watercolour pencil crayons. This seems to be the only way at times that I can put my mind at rest from thinking about academia, work, or wedding plans. I found this sketch from 2 sketches for you that I liked and thought I would use bella images that I just coloured with this sketch. I need a place to post the sketch so I would use it. But I will be posting the cards I make a little stay tuned!

Sunday, March 01, 2009

Happy March!

Today the weather is reasonable! However, I chose to stay indoors today to just take it easy and relax. This past week was a blurr with all the things that were going on! I had lots of late nights, and quite a few work responsibilities. Consequently, this weekend was about taking care of myself!

It is almost three in the afternoon, and I am relaxing in my PJs. I have watched a few episodes of season four 90210, and I am enjoying playing in my scraproom. It has become qutie a mess these last couple of weeks, so I think it is time to clean it up again, so that I can see the desk and floor. Oops, I better go look at my scrap video to remind me how clean and tidy this room can look. I need to have a clear space to work in again. However, I did manange to make four cards today. I used one of my new bella stamps. Cupcake Bella. I hope you like her. I made two of each of these cards. I am just trying to decide whether to make it into a card kit, and package them up. Or, should I put them in my large selection of cards to chose from. I just can't decide. I still have to wait for the glitter glue to dry, so I have a bit of time yet to chose from.
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