Sunday, March 08, 2009

St. Patrick Day Candy Wrappers

There are so many great people out there who post some of their creative ideas to make. When I am procrastinating from assignments, I always enjoy looking around to see what is available to make. I have found so many great ideas from Dawn. Another one of her fabulous tutorials. Although this is a St. Patricks Day theme, there are so many other possibilities that one could make with this. Tonight, I prepped everything that I needed to prep, as I am going to make some of these for special friends. I will post pictures of them when I am finished. I just need to buy the Kit Kat Bars tomorrow!

So, I bought the Kit Kat Bars at the Dollarama in New Westminster. I couldn't resist that I bought four more to make. These are so much fun and so pretty. In hindsight, they would have made great wedding favours, but I have something on the go already for the wedding. I just hope the gals I give them to like them. I made 10 in all! Phew... that was fun!

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