Thursday, March 19, 2009

What it is Thursday already?

Wow! I remember Spring Break as a child, and I certainly do not remember it going by this fast! Mind you I didn't have all the adult responsibilities that I have today! Wedding planning, House hunting, Report Cards, and Master's coursework is among the many things that I have on my plate these days. I suppose they all help the time to go by very fast. However, they aren't always balanced as smoothly as I appear to. But, my rest at Spring Break. That is not working while having to do all the above list of items has allowed me to rest and regroup, and think about what I need to focus on in this last term of the school year that will be inconjunction with many of the big and exciting life changes that will be occuring simultaneously or in the very near future.

Even though it is Thursday, I have a lot to show for my Spring Break.
1.) I have looked at about 25 houses with Andrei.
2.) I spent some quality time with Andrei.
3.) I spent some quality time with my sister, during a shopping marathon as we both shop for things for the big changes in our life.
4.) I found the person that will be making our wedding cake, and we are just working out the details of the looks and taste of the cake.
5.) Visited with my Aunt, Uncle, and Cousin, which is always a lot of laughs and fun.
6.) I will be meeting with the florist tomorrow to talk about some of our needs for flowers for the big day.
7.) I have worked on my Final project, and by tomorrow should be finished.
8.) I will have started my report cards by the end of the weekend, and will finish them the following weekend.

Wow There are only 9 days to spring break when you tack on the two weekend days, and look at how much I have completed. No wonder the time is going by so fast! I think I am going to play in my scraproom tonight, as I have a few projects that I am working on for Easter, so I would like to finish those up! I think I will only post some of them, and will post the remainder of them after Easter, so it is a surprise to you.

Best Wishes to you all!

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nscropper said...

Whoa ... you have been very busy. Glad to hear you are taking some time for yourself. :) ENJOY!

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