Sunday, March 01, 2009

Happy March!

Today the weather is reasonable! However, I chose to stay indoors today to just take it easy and relax. This past week was a blurr with all the things that were going on! I had lots of late nights, and quite a few work responsibilities. Consequently, this weekend was about taking care of myself!

It is almost three in the afternoon, and I am relaxing in my PJs. I have watched a few episodes of season four 90210, and I am enjoying playing in my scraproom. It has become qutie a mess these last couple of weeks, so I think it is time to clean it up again, so that I can see the desk and floor. Oops, I better go look at my scrap video to remind me how clean and tidy this room can look. I need to have a clear space to work in again. However, I did manange to make four cards today. I used one of my new bella stamps. Cupcake Bella. I hope you like her. I made two of each of these cards. I am just trying to decide whether to make it into a card kit, and package them up. Or, should I put them in my large selection of cards to chose from. I just can't decide. I still have to wait for the glitter glue to dry, so I have a bit of time yet to chose from.


nscropper said...

gorgeous cards .... I LOVE that snail ... too cute. :)

Vanessa (aka V, Nessa, oldschool) said...

man oh man I need that cupcakabella :) nice cards!

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