Sunday, February 22, 2009

Box in A Bag

Well, it was quite the busy evening. I worked on my paper from 8:00 to 11:30. But, I knew I had to stop and take a break so that I would be able to have a decent night sleep. So, to take my mind off the homework assignment I was working on I decided to try tis Box in a Bag that I found off the Split coast Stampers Website. I have been a lurker there for quite some time. But, I recently became a member of this website because of all the wonderful and creative ideas posted there. I just used up scraps of paper to make this project, as my scrap paper drawer is getting awfully full. So, that was a pleasant bonus. This was very easy to make, and a lot of fun as well. My favourite part of the project was colouring the stamp in. I am using the felts that my sister gave me on Tuesday night. They work quite well. I hope you like the project! To get the full directions check out Box in A Bag Directions at Splitcoast Stampers.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Hunt for the Perfect Colouring Item.

The last few nights I have had some fun playing with coloured images. It is something I can do for five minutes when I did a quick brain break. This has been my way of coping with all the hustle and bustle. Well, it seems to be working out quite well because I have had some fun different images to colour. I found the cherries as clipart on line. There have been lots of cards with cherries lately that I have just thought were completely adorable. But, being on a scrap spending freez, I came up with the solution of printable clipart. Then I found these cupcake images online that were absolutely adorable to colour. They are designed especially for scrappers. I just had to have these to colour. So, I decided to make these cards. The cherry card kit was made for a person at work who helped me come up with a book report idea. It is a cearl book report concept. I am excited to try it.

I am on a cupcake kick as well lately, and these are the two cards I decided to make. Love the glitter, and so much fun to colour. Thanks for stopping by!

Monday, February 16, 2009

Busy as a Bee!

If you happen to follow and glance at the wedding counter at the top of the page, you will recognize that Andrei and I have less than six months to our wedding. Can you believe it? Where is the time going? We are getting very excited about the big day, and I have a few things that can be crossed off the list of things to do! When I make a list of them they seem pretty small.

1.) Purchased my wedding dress.
2.) Honeymoon Dates and Flights are booked.
3.) Attended Second Marriage Preparation class.
4.) Asked Andrei's Dad to retile my bathrooms.
5.) Contacted Realtor about selling my Condo.
6.) Decluttering continues.

So, things are well on their way. I really can't believe how busy I am. Ironically, I seem to be managing reasonably well. So, can busy people just get busier? I believe we can as we are able to manage our time fairly well. I am having fun with some different planning things at work in my class. Continuing to think about SMART Boards and UDL. All and all things are going well. I wish I could see everyone more, but that doesn't really seem possible.

Best wishes!

Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Quick Card Kits

Well, I came home from class tonight and it was a very intense class as we discussed our critiques, and we discussed our upcoming big project. It is very difficult to turn the mind off when I get home. So, I thought I would look through the card kits I made back in the fall, and put some of them together. Essentially I had the items i all wanted to use to make one particular card into a ziploc bag. I pull it out, and arrange it into the look and feel that I have at the momment. And Voila... this is what I came up with. But looking at the time now, I better get to bed!





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