Thursday, March 01, 2007

Jenn's Birthday Party at Pallioti's

Well, I have been receiving some suggestions from my blog fan to make sure that she gets mentioned in my blog, so I have decided to do a feature on Jennifer's Birthday, which was last Saturday Night. Althought this wasn't the actual day, I thought I would still talk about the event. However, I want everyone to note that I have done a feature on Jennifer's birthday last year, and this can be seen in the archives!!!

Anyways, a group of girls all met for a lovely dinner to celebrate Jennifer's birthday. We stayed local this time, as the last two years have been at Joey Tomatoes on Lougheed Highway. We tried a restaurant out in Maple Ridge called Pallioti's. Anyways, it came with great reviews from others, and if you love Italian food this is the place to go. It was a smaller restaurant that looked like it might have been a house at some point. It was definitely a popular place to go, as there were line-ups for as long as we stayed therefor dinner from about 6:00 to 9:30. So many options on the menu! We had a great chat session, and Jen received some great gifts!

It was a fun evening!


MOM said...

Would you recommend the place for dinner or lunch? How was the Movie for movie night?

scrapea&happy said...

I would recommend the place for dinner. I really enjoyed the Chicken Parmesean Dinner I had and the penne noodles with pasta sauce I had!

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