Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Fun in the Sun!

Wll, the temperature is still quite warm here. But I thought that I would share some more photos of my holiday advetures thus far. I have been teasing Mom and Dad because they seem to have an intinerary for me! Everyone down here is telling me that I am still very pasty. However, I think it is very difficult to get tanned when you are hiding in the shade and wearing 60 sunblock. It is great to be a way and unwinding from my work adventures. It will be great to have the batteries all recharged for next Monday!


dinno said...

Wow it looks like you are having fun. Cant wait to hear all about your trip
see you soon

strawberrygirl said...

Rachel...looks like you are having a blast! Hope you are relaxing and getting all that post report card stress out of your system!

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