Saturday, March 10, 2007

Julie's Week of Birthday Celebrations!

Well, admist the Report Card season, my baby sister celebrated her 27th birthday. The fact that she is 27 seems scary because that means my 29th birthday is close on its way. However, I have never known a person who can turn a one day affair into a week affair. It has been an ongoing fun thing to tease her about, as my Mom and Dad are away for her birthday every year for the last few years. So, to compensate Julie is able to turn her one special day into four different days, and her sister goes along for the fun as well. However, I am just not what I used to be!

Birthday Night #1:
It all started with the first visit on Sunday night, the day after I had completed a marathon with report cards. I had some relatives over for cake and tea to celebrate Julie's birthday. It was a fun evening with good conversation.

Birthday Night #2:
Monday night was an evening at my Grandpa and Grandma's because my Grandma is unable to drive in the dark to my house. We had a wonderful supper at their house! Yummy desserts as always.

Birthday Night #3:
Tuesday Night was Julie's real birthday day. She invited all her friends out to a Greek Restaurant in Mallairdville for dinner. I did a bit of birthday shopping before the party, and then I spent the evening with great company and food.

Busy Day #4
I had a dentist appointment right afterschool, and then went home to work on report cards. In hindsight, I should of just taken the evening off, but I want to get them done before Spring Break.

Birthday Night #4.
Thursday night was suppose to include a birthday celebration with my Aunt, Uncle, and Cousin. But, unfortunately my exhaustion caught up with me! We had a birthday drive for Julie, but have made plans to reschedule! Anyways, I should have taken Strawberries advice to not over do it. But, I only seem to be able to go all out!

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strawberrygirl said...

Rachel.......tsk, tsk:) You are so hardcore! I am glad you had fun though! Can't wait for your birthday.....

Hope your report cards are almost done. Spring Break is almost here and we need to do some serious catch up before the baby comes!

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