Sunday, September 13, 2009

Back to School 2009!

This past week was an intense but busy week, as I got back into the new routines of fall. I alwasy find it difficult to go from the summer off to the routines of school. For example, I was starving on Tuesday at 10:30. It wasn't even close to lu nch time, but I am used to eating on my own schedule. However, I got back on track by the end of the week. I received my new bunch of students late Thursday afternoon, so I have only had one comple full day with the class on Friday. Looking forward to starting a new week. But, at the same time it is challenging setting up all the new routines, as the expectations that are set now at the beginning of the year last for the whole term. However, it should be a good week. I am going to be trialing a new blog with my class this year. Please check it out here. It is a trial, so will see if it is something that works for parents. I only had a few hits over the weekend, so who knows if this will continue. But, I am going to see if it is worth completing. I am hoping that it can be used as a good communication tool between home and school.

I have an adorable story to tell about a student in my class who was all excited to be in Ms. Sanderson's class. But, I told him that I wasn't Ms. Sanderson anymore. I told the student that my new name. He was a little surprised. Later in the day, he stopped to ask me if I had the same personality as Ms. Sanderson, and I told him that yes I had the same personality and that I was the same teacher. He seemed very relieved! It is funny how children see the world literally.

I made a card this weekend for my friend Debbie's Shower.

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