Friday, September 25, 2009

We Have Our Wedding Photos!

Monday Night was a very exciting day this past week, as we received our wedding photos from our photographer Jade from Jami Photography. We received all 900 of them, plus he coordinated a DVD slide show of 250 of his favourite shots of the day. There are some fantastic shots. I am so excited to have so many of these great shots. The tricky part is choosing some for the wedding album that he is making us, and then photos for the scrapbook album I plan to make, as well as the photos for the photo frames that we have ready for pictures.

I have included a few shots that I particularly liked. This would fit under the theme of "Bride Heading to the Church".

But, of course I won't be posting all 900 of them. That would be INSANE!


Karen said...

Thank you for giving us a little taste of your wedding photos. I was so sorry to miss the big day and it is wonderful to see the beautiful bride in her lovely dress surrounded by loving family heading for the church ... and of course looking so happy. Looking forward to seeing more ... maybe of the groom! I know that will be the next installment ... Groom waiting at the altar:-)

Tammy said...

Beautiful pics Rachel :-)

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