Wednesday, September 16, 2009

New Sweet Heart's Cartriage

I bought this cartriage on the weekend, as Micheals had a fantastic sale on the cartriages. I felt I was able to splurge on it because I sold two wedding postings from craigslist. The 15 wedding centre pieces and the car decorating kit. I still have more that I am trying to sell, but I think I will repost those on the weekend. This cartirage is a new release. It couldn't have come out at the perfect time with me all excited to be making my wedding album, and gift albums. It is perfect. I don't have any pictures to scrap yet, but I wanted to try it out. A girl at work got engaged this summer. I just found out last week, and new that this was the cartriage that I wanted to use for the card. So many great things with it. So, here is my first creation. It was a pretty simple design, as I didn't have much time after my master's course tonight. But, this was a great way to unwind after a long day. Thanks for checking it out!

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