Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Christmas 2011 Highlights

I can't believe how fast the season comes and goes in just a blink of an eye, and in less than a week I will be back at work with my students. I wanted to share some pictures of the Christmas highlights. Unfortunately, I don't have many pictures of me on Christmas Day because I wasn't feeling very well, as I have my annual tradition of a Christmas Cold. I am not very pleased about that but, what can you do?

Christmas Eve we spent with Andrei's parents. We enjoyed a delicous meal with my favourite Chicken Noodle Soup. We got a care package from Anyu. So, I have been enjoying the chicken noodle soup, as I nurse this cold. We had a lovely time, and even were able to do a Christmas toast with Andrei's brother and sister in law over skype. We had a good little visit with them at the beginning of the evening.  We sang Christmas carols at the organ that Apu brought into the house. We starte with Andrei just horsing around, than I blue Andrei's socks off with playing Jingle Bells by ear, and then Apu played all the traditional Hungarian Christmas Carols. We do this every year, and it is an enjoyable time spent together. I received some lovely gifts.

Christmas Day we started off with the opening of our stockings. Andrei never did this tradition when he was a young boy, but he is really starting to enjoy this tradition. He has his very own stocking now with his name on it that he quite enjoys...particularly so....since it opens up wider with a Zipper. We headed over to my parent's for Christmas Brunch with Mom, Dad, and Grandma. My sister and her boyfriend joined us later in the afternoon...and then in the early evening my extended family joined us for Christmas dinner. There were a total of 15 of us. My Oma had fallen a couple days before, so she was unable to join us...this did put a slight damper on the afternoon, as everyone were expressing their concerns for my Oma's well-being as she has a broken arm just below her shoulder. There is no sling, and she needs extensive care right now. The little treatboxes I had made the week I was off before Christmas...I had a lot of fun making them, and it was quite entertaining when everyone was bartering their goodies inside. My sister made the most decadent dessert. She made the mouse and chocolate cup to hold the mouse. It was a big hit...I always like to think that my sister has the baking talents and I have the crafty talents of the family. This makes a good trade. She makes treats, and I trade her with crafty projects.

After the relatives left we opened up our presents. I received some lovely gifts. I am looking forward to enjoying them in the upcoming year.

I was hoping to do some upcoming visiting with friends, but have had to cancel on a few engagements now because of this darn hopefully will be better soon!

If you read this much...thanks for was a long post!!!


Migzy said...

Yum! Chocolate mousse in a chocolate cup! I suddenly have a craving for more chocolate! :)

Tammy (Scrappy and T) said...

OH gosh .. love the tie on the pooch .. lol

looks like your all having a blast =)

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