Sunday, December 04, 2011

Redley Christmas Dog Ties

I a very enjoyable weekend! A busy one too! Friday Night Andrei and I went for a lovely dinner out! We kept it simple in terms of restaurant and went to Boston Pizza. Andrei loves their Meteor pizza. I came home and fell asleep on the sofa very early on in the evening...just couldn't keep my eyes open. Woke up Saturday morning and headed off to the Christmas Craft Fair at the Coquitlam Rec Centre. It is a huge craft fair with tons of exhibits. I bought a really neat magnet necklace with interchangeable pieces, gourmet white hot chocolate, and a delicious Cinnamon Bun that I gobbled up while waking around. I also bought some yummy short bread. The profits of that went to the Cancer research. Once my wallet was a little lighter. I went for a yummy Greek lunch with my two friends. We had a good meal with great company. I don't get together enough with Tara, so I really enjoyed the time we spent together! I came home and had the best of intentions of getting the house all ready to decorate, but was I puttered around in my scraproom and made 6 cards. I do plan on posting those later in the week. I just need to get the video edited and ready. I had a bit of nap also. Today was a friend's birthday. It was a surprise! Laurie was very surprised! We met at a Indian Restaurant in Vancouver. It It was quite the drive there and back, but it was such a beautiful sunny day that I really enjoyed the drive! I always love getting together with friends outside of work, as you get to learn so many interesting things about friends. I learned that Laurie has a Art Studio Blog. I went and checked it out, and there are so many different inspiring projects on there! I can't wait to follow the posts and learn more about her art. I made the mistake of going to Micheals to get a lovely evergreen spray for the Mantel. Boy was that place an absolute Zoo today. I picked the wrong line up as there was a lady returning a whole bunch of things. Some of them were those picks that you buy. Once I got out of the store...I came home to decorate. The living room is almost complete. But...I am still putting the finishing touches I won't post pictures until it is Martha Stewart ready! My sister called me up to see if I would be willing to work on this project she had in mind. She is also a very crafty person...although she would never consider herself to be that. She was at the Circle Craft Fair in Vancouver on the Remembrance Day long weekend and found some adorable dog ties. They had a 20.00 price tag on them. So, a little pricey when she looked at those she thought...I could so make those. But, what she really meant sister and I can work on these together and make them! LOL! We had a fun couple of hours make these. We made them in a Christmas theme..the Grinch. We made one for her dog and one for Redley. I wasn't too sure if Redley would mind wearing it...but he doesn't seem to mind. We had a whole bunch of chuckles, and Andrei had a good laugh to, although I was worried he would resist and not let Redley wear the tie. But, he had a good laugh when he came home from work.

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