Thursday, December 29, 2005

Twas the Season

Good Chrismtas memories with the family have once again been made this Christmas.

Well, Christmas has come and gone. It is amazing at how fast it all seems to come. I had a very lovely holiday and was spoiled much this year. And yes, I did get a digital camera for Christmas. They are so fun. I have been taking photographs left right and centre. It is amazing how many pictures you take when you don't have film to worry about. I have been learning all how to use it. I am excited because I will finally be able to post pictures here on my blog and on Two Peas and a Bucket. I have been working lots on a few projects and have pictures of them to post soon.

I am slowly becoming a hostess. I had my Aunty Jo and Dave come over for Brunch on Christmas Eve Day. I had my Aunt Shirley and Uncle Dinno and cousin Lisa come for Fondue crumble. ( A story for another Day).

Tonight I had a spa night with my best friend. It was a good time! I am looking forward to lunch on Friday. Before I know it the year of 2005 will come to an end and it will be back to work and routines! New Years are so exciting because you can look forward to new beginnings and new traditions. I have been thinking about what my New Year Resoulutions are going to be, and will be posting them before the New year!

1 comment:

strawberrygirl said...

You will love your camera!! It is so handy to have:)

Looking forward to lunch tomorrow!

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