Saturday, December 17, 2005

Twas the Last Week of School

You know that I have lossed it and that I am ready for the holidays, when I write a poem about the crazy week I had, in the same style as the performance my students had at the Christmas Concert.

Twas the Last Week of School
Twas the last week of school,
when I felt like such a fool.
There was so much to do,
I felt like the length of the week grew.
We practiced our play,
the students were great each day.
It was this past Thursday,
when it all went array.
We started the day with the Jingle Bell Jog,
I guess that is when my mind began to fog.
We had some fun with Gingerbread,
I guess that was what stopped me from looking ahead.
Today was the day the Report Cards were to go home,
But again my mind started to roam.
I had spent a lot of time and energy on each report card,
In fact, I sometimes even find them really hard.
So of course I wanted them to be sent home from school,
But I didn’t follow the school’s golden rule.
The tired teacher that I am,
I had forgot to hand them out, Damn!
I was very upset, as how could I forget what my job was all about,
I knew I was ready for the holidays, and that I needed to chill out.
But, this was ridiculous as it wasn’t time yet,
But good ole’ Mom and Dad told me not to sweat.
Because, it all worked out in the end,
And on Friday I would have time to mend.
The problem was solved,
as I told the students here is your report card.
Thank heaven the holidays are here,
Because I am ready for a beer.
But that still is no excuse,
to rhyme like Dr. Seus.

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