Sunday, December 11, 2005

Gingerbread Success

Tis the season to learn how to bake! Well, for all of you who know my cooking skills, will realize what a huge success I had today in my own kitchen. I attempted to make Gingerbread cookies all on my own. It is amazing how moving into your own place will get you to try things that you have never done before!

Last year, I was visiting my Aunt and Uncle and cousin. My cousin Lisa is famous for beautiful Gingerbread houses. Well, she told me how easy it was to make Gingerbread. I watched last year as my Aunt and Cousin made the gingerbread cookies. I was even given some cookies for my effort. I used these cookies for a class project. This year I wanted to the same project with my students, but I kinda went into panic mode because I would have to make the cookies all by myself. (A path not braved before)

I went out and braved the stores to purchase all the ingredients I needed. That was a task in itself! What is it with this time of year and the rudeness that is brought out in people. I couldn't find cloves and fancy molasses. Thank goodness for the Gingerbread Crisis Line! (Thanks Shirley) I phoned from the store asking about ingredients. She sent a driver over right away with the ingredients that I needed. (My uncle was coming over to deliver a picture that I had framed) But, I think the earlier sentence adds to the story. I visited with my uncle and kept procrasinating. Once he left I knew it was now or never. I printed out the recipe and went full steam ahead. I attacked the ingredients, however after looking at my kitchen and my clothes. The Gingerbread won! I had to phone the Gingerbread Crisis Line along the way, but all and all I have tasted the cookies and I am still alive to tell this story to you all! They actually turned out. I made about 35 cookies. I even have extra to bring to my band concert tomorrow night!

What I day! I feel really good about this as I have learned that I really can do anything I put my mind too! (Even cooking) Halleuya!


strawberrygirl said...

Rachel!!!!! Thay turned out amazing:) I am so proud of you (and sad that I missed being there).

Hope your last week in school is fun! I know the kids will love cookies.

Your blog entries are starting to reflect your humour and personality....I love it!

scrapea&happy said...

Yes, I was sad that you weren't able to come too but... since I am feelin ambitious we could always try gingerbread houses, or some other time of baking or holiday activity that involes baking!

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