Friday, December 02, 2005

Bundled Up and Sick at Home

Well, unfortunately I have my annual dose of Strep Throat at the momment! I am currently taking really strong anti-biotics, so I will be on the mend in the next couple of days. It is so tough when you are a teacher, or work with children for that matter to be off from work. You know and think about the students you have left behind for the day and hope that the TOC that is in for you can understand your chicken scratches for a day plan!

However, since my attitude in life is to try and look at the positive of things, I have a goregeous view of the first snow in my new place. I look out onto deciduous trees and all the branches are filled with beautiful snow! Breathtaking! I am hoping Santa will bring me a digital camera this year, so that I can immediately share momments like this!


1 comment:

strawberrygirl said...

Awwwwww Rach:) WE will miss you tonight tons at the party:) I hope you feel better soon, and that Santa brings you the camera!

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