Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Present in the Mail Today

Well, today was a pleasant mail day. As, I have mentione before I belong the Canadian Scrao N Swap site. I have a lot of fun belonging to this message board. I have learned some great tips, and I have joined quite a few different swaps. Today in the mail. I received my princess swap items. I made the little match book that has a crown and says princess. I made nine of these items, and then I sent them off to Colleen the organizer of the swap. She sorts all the items from everyone, and we get our own item back, plus an item from each other person and they all have a princess theme. I have a few others that I have joined and I am having a lot of fun doing them and then seeing what everyone else comes up with.

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strawberrygirl said...

Rachel....what a fun thing to do! A great way to be inspired for sure:)

Sorry about the other night. Dusten's back is out, and he had a chiro appointment. While he was there, I thought I would get grocery shopping done and took Hunter with me. What an excursion that was! She refused to be in the cart, so I had to carry her and push the cart, and she threw up on me 3 times and cried the whole time! I got home at 830 because it took so long!

Looks like you are having a lot of fun with Andri:) How was Sicko????
I miss you:)

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