Monday, September 03, 2007

Summer Blues and New Fall Beginnings.

Well, here it is Labour Day weekend, and I am trying to determine where the summer went. Obviously too busy to update the blog. I know us teachers have it very good, but it does go very fast once it starts. But, I had a very productive, yet very relaxing summer vacation as well. The beginning was spent putting in my new laminate floors throughout the entire condo. They look gorgeous, and it was well work all the time, money, and effort! Once you get the renovation bug though, it really seems to spread. I ended up replacing the carpet in my bedroom as well! It looks fantastic. I love the look of it. My condo feels like it is brand new now.

The next part of the summer involved lazy days at the beach, scrapbooking, cardmaking, paper crafting, visiting with friends or family, and handing out with Andrei. We did lots of fun activities together this summer.

Then it was my Alaskan Cruise vacation with my sister! It was a whole lot of fun. We met some great couples from New Orleans and took in the beautiful scenary and lovely food from the cruise. I definitely have the cruising bug. I also got out of town for our Summer Professional Development days, as two days were spent at Harrison Hot Springs. It was great to get caught up with people at work. I also spent about two days at work getting the classroom up and running. I am very excited with how the set up is this year. My vision for the classroom is slowly developing, as I purchase little by little each year.

Finally, my summer holidays have ended with a weekend trip to the Island. Andrei and I visited Victoria and Nanaimo. We took in the Titanica show and Titanic Exhibit at the Royal Museum, shopping, walking around, Kayaking in the harbour, walking the harbours, and cruising the Island highway. It was very relaxing to get away. And now I sit and procrastinate the minor house cleaning that I have to do, and get the butterflies in my stomach with the excitment of a new school year. I can't wait for it to begin, and am looking forward to beginning my Master's program.

Here are some photos from my summer.

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mom said...

Good to see you are back at the computor again. I hope it all goes as smooth as your floors.

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