Monday, September 17, 2007

Week Two: Masters Student

Well, I have just come home from my second Master's course. I am getting used to this whole idea as life as a student. Let me tell you, it sure does take some getting used to that is for sture. It is quite different this time round as a Graduate student. Balancing work and life. I thougth I had my whole routine worked out for the semester until I discovered that this plan will not work, so it needs to be refined.

I believe that the next two years of my life are going to be an adventure, and are going to go by very fast, so I am just trying to enjoy the little things for now. I know I have said that I was going to devote this blog to my adventures about Scrapbooking, however with time limited these days, it might be a place to voice my interest in my Master's program.

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