Saturday, September 22, 2007

Week Three: Masters Course

Well, it is taking some getting used to the routine of school and work. This week I had some doubts, when my computer screen went Kaput when my online assignment was due. But, I have very supportive family and boyfriend, who helped me through it, and I was able to complete the assignment using my Mom and Dad's laptop. I was excited to see that this morning, two people had already responded to my assignment.

I enjoyed our movie night this week. It added to the "busyness" of the week. It was at my house. I chose the movie The Wedding Date with Debra Messing. It is a "fluff" movie, but enjoyable just the same. I made a casserole, combined with a lovely salad, and a delicious homemade pie.

I bought my new computer screen today, and love it!

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