Saturday, June 09, 2007

Final Report Card Season is here!

Well, report card season is upon me and for the next two weekends I am in my little office cocoon working on them. Thank goodness it is a rain weekend this weekend because it makes it so much easier to be inside working on them. I have my whole plan here posted on my blog. I am sure it is very boring to the rest of you. But, for me it helps me to be managable and helps me be focused to complete my work. Sorry, for such a boring post but this is what my goals are for the week.

Friday Night
- Have sushi with my sister.
- Help my sister make a mini scrapbook of her trip to Vegas.

- Sleep in.
- Make changes to report card template.
- Complete Physical Education.
- Complete Ways to Support learning.
- Complete Emotional and Social Development.
- Visit with my friend Debbie, as we will both need a report card break.
- Movie Night with Andrei.
- Housework in between all these activities.

- Sleep in.
- Student Behaviour Comments.
- Review reading assessments and make a class summary.
- Complete any more house work that needs to be done
- Scrapbook (only if there is time) otherwise a little TV for undwinding.

- Artistic and Music Comments.
- Reveiw Math Work of students to complete evaluation of students.

- Opening Report Card Comments Begin.

- Staff Meeting
- Friends Birthday Dinner

- Complete opening report card comments.

- BBQ with my sister.
- Complete her mini album to Vegas scrapbook.

- Intellecutal Development Report Cards

- Visit School.
- Print out and Edit Report Cards.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Hi Rachel,
My weekend looks a lot like your weekend! I have been working on opening comments and Behaviour comments all day! Shirley came over and we have been working since 9:00 am. I always think I'll get more done than I'd think I'd know by now. Your schedule looks more realistic.
Thinking of you. Great Birthday pics!

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