Saturday, June 02, 2007

Beautiful Sunshine

Well, we need not complain after this lovely weekend of fantasic sunshine. I know we all tend to complain about how hot it is, but really I would rather have this weather than the liquid sunshine. I had a chamce to get out and enjoy the beautiful sunny weather on Friday night with a Barbeque hosted by my friend Frances. We had a delicious steak dinner, and enjoyed the gorgeous weather outside until about 11:00 at night. Saturday, I visited my friend Debbie who was having a garage sale. Although I am not a fan of garage sales, it was pleasant to be outsied enjoying the weather. Saturday evening Andrei and I went out rollerblading downtown. We parked at Stanley Park, and rollerbladed to English Bay where we had a picnic lunch. Sandwiches, chips, and pop. We had a a very sweet tasking Sundae at Dairy Queen. It was in a chocolate covered waffle bowl. Very Yummy! Sunday, I enjoyed watching the sunny weather from inside my office, as report card season is approaching and I am getting my template ready to begin the reports this week and upcoming weekend. I have to have them handed in to my principal by June 19th.

Well, a little more time and then I am off to another BBQ!

1 comment:

mom said...

Gee, don't you ever stay home and cook. You lucky girl. We enjoyed the hot sunny week end too.

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