Sunday, May 31, 2009

I'm Wiped and it isn't even 12:00p.m.

OMG...I am exhausted and it is not even 12:00p.m I have completed my group work with my classmates. The technology side of things didn't go as smoothly, as it did last time but we pretty much got the job done. We will have one more meeting tomorrow night at 6:00 to fine tune everything. I think that this will work out nicely. However, I still have my report card goals for today. However, my eyes are exhausted from staring at a computer screen. My back and bottom are sore from sitting in a chair all weekend. I really think I should get out and go for a walk and then come back and do the report cards. I am looking at my list, and I was very ambitious in creating it. But, I think I must tredge on, so that I can get everything done that needs to get done. I think this weekend is going to feel like I didn't even have one. I was afraid of that on Friday. But, alas that is the life of a Bride to Be... Moving.... Master's Student and Teacher.

Saturday, May 30, 2009

Oh Dear... It's Report Card Time.

I can't believe that in two days it will be June 1st. When I first started this school year, in the back of my mind I was thinking wow when this year ends.... my wedding will be awfully close to arriving. It seemed so far away, but now as I prepare to move, begin winding down in the classroom, and write report cards. It is a fact the year is almost over. I have had a wonderful group of students this year. I feel very fortunate for that considering the "busyness" this year has brought. But, in a very short time the year will be over. However, before that comes to a head...I have this year's report cards to write. It feels a little earlier than normal. But, I am doing this to try and balance all the crazyness that will be happening in the next couple of weeks. The move in particular. So, the more I can get done now the better. There will be holes here and there that I will have to fix up, but I don't mind doing that! It is about getting the content done, and all my marking completed.

This helped me stay focussed last I think I will do the same. I know these aren't the most exciting blog posts. But, the blog is for me, and since this helps me chunk everything so it is manageable that is why I am doing it.


- Opening Comment
- Student Behaviour
- Ways to support learning
- Physical Education
- Social Responsibility
- Fine Arts
- Social Studies
- Science

- Borg and Gall
- Alyssa Reading
- Quick Reread of Franks Lesson

- Group Project Meeting Skype and Type (8:30am)

- Opening Comment
- Student Behaviour
- Ways to support learning
- Physical Education
- Career and Personal Planning
- Fine Arts

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Cake Topper is Made

That check list from yesterday seems to be helping me stay focused on all the things that I need to get done this weekend. I even was able to fit in a little walk to 7/11 for a Slurpee. Yummmm! So, I have finished my coursework for the weekend, I am on the second to last load of laundry, and will be starting the SMART Board document collection now. It is truly amazing how this tool has remediated my classroom instruction. The student feedback on it has been great as well. I am hoping to get the Smart Board stuff all done in a couple of hours. Then I would like to get outside for a little bit again. I need to get some photos developed to finish the guest book, and then I can finish that off too. However, I got the creative bug last night, and I was able to make some butterflies.

These were inspired from the blog Lo Lo's Craft Corner. She made hers with transparencies, embossing powder, and transparencies. However, the heat gun distorted the transparency. Additionally, the butterfly stamps I have aren't as pretty as that one. Miraculously, I don't have that butterfly stamp. So, when all else fails use the cricut. This darling little butterfly comes from the Indie Solution cartridge. I added the beads and wire antennae and these are so darling!

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Google Docs and Skype.

I just had to share about my fantastic experience this morning with my team from my Master's program. We used Skype and google docs to put together our project. Did it ever work well. With google docs you are able to work in real time with everyone editing on a page at the same time in real time. It is such an effective tool for collaborating. Love it. We chatted on skype in a three way confrence to talk about our project and discuss changes that we were making. This was a great way to collaborate. Love it. It was a grueling 2.5 hour session. We started at 9:00 and didn't finish until about 11;30. I think I am going to take a little break from course work and do some wedding stuff, and then come back to the course work a little later.

I have a whole bunch of jobs that need to get done this weekend.
1.) Marking SWW
2.) Master's readings
3.) Preparations for the SMART Board meeting
4.) Laundry
5.) Finish Wedding Guest Book
6.) Finish making the wedding cake topper.
7.) Review Report Card Template
(Yes.. that's right report cards will start next weekend)

Well, putting in a list form makes it look a little more manageable.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Wedding Shoes Purchased...

I have mangaged to complete another very important wedding task...finding the wedding shoes. I call them my Cindrella shoes because they are very dainty and pretty in perfect for a Bride. It has been qutie the challenge to find shoes that would work for the wedding. There are a lot of gorgeous shoes out there. However, they aren't always the most comfortable, and they need to be comfortable considering how long I will be standing on them on August 8,2009. So, I have found a very comfortable pair of shoes. I think by now I have tried on about 25 different shoes. They were all pretty...but they weren't comfortable. Once I put this shoe on it was a perfect match just like Cinderalla and her shoes. So, I am happy that this task is out of the way because I was beginning to think the shoe I wanted was not possible. I have packed up a lot of my scrapbooking stuff, so I may not be posting scrappy stuff for awhile.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Getting Ready for BIG Move..

Time seems to go by so fast these days, as there is always something to do. This weekend was no exception as Andrei and I began to get ready for the Big Move. We bought some furniture this weekend for our new house. We now have a fully furnished house. We were able to acquire a kitchen table, sofa and love seat, and leather sofa at incredible prices. Can't wait to see it all set up. We then did our big trip to Home Depot to get the paint for our house. We bought lots of it, so I think we will have more than enough. We are planning on painting the entire house from top to bottom. It will clean it up, and allow us to start from scratch. A lot of work... but this is our chance to do that. I also bought Andrei's wedding band this weekend. I am very excited about it. I picked it out for Andrei, but got his approval first. Then the next few days of the long weekend were spent packing up my house. It is full of boxes now, as I get ready for the move. I have trimmed down my scrapbooking supplies, as hard as that was to do. So, I only have the bare essentials to finish off the last of the wedding projects and then I can pack all of that up. It is going to be hard to not have it set up for awhile. But, I guess I will manage. Andrei and I also stopped by our house to admire it, and talk about some of the things that will eventually need to be done on the outside. (We aren't excited about it our anything are we...) There will be a lot happening in the next little while. But, a supportive fiancee and family will be the best solution to managing all the changes.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Shower Gift Ideas....

So, there is a rumour out there.... friends and family are looking for shower gift ideas. I am going to try and go to The Bay tomorrow night to add the linens now to our gift registry so that should help a little and some towels and things that we would like for the kitchen. But, here are some things that I thought of tonight.

Acrylic Wine Glasses for Outside Entertaining.
Acylic Margarita Glasses for Outside Entertaining
Black Place Mats (need to be wipeable so that they do not need to be laundered all the time.)
Wooden Hangers from Ikea (the darker colour brown ones)
Metal Mesh Tray for kitchen fork knife and spoon drawer (Canadian Tire)
Silicone Oven Mitts (Blue)
Bedroom Pillows for Sleeping (Costco)
Solar Power Lights for Outside (Silver Coloured)
Home Word (See picture--doesn't have to look exactly like this...

T-Fal Frying Pans - Any size as long as they have that orange circle on the bottom.
Angel Food Cake Tray
Welcome Mat for the Front Door
Garden Hose
Nozzle for the Garden Hose

Saturday, May 09, 2009

Back to Class...

My month long break from my master's class has come and gone. So, I am back taking my sixth class. This course is all about methods in educational research. With our entire course being focussed on conducting educational research. Thankfully, this big task is done with a group. I am so thankful for that let me tell you that is being done as a group. As, I have learned last semester that there is a lot of systematic steps taht are needed to conduct research.

I am beginning to realize the toll that Preparing to Move, Working full time, planning a wedding, and doing a master's is taking on me. However, I am hanging in there and have had to laugh about the first wedding mishap. Some of the wedding invitations going out without the details of the wedding in there. I am not sure how that happened, but it did. So, some of those people have contacted me. But, if you are one of those people who don't have an insert. Please let me know, and I will give you all the information that is required.

Monday, May 04, 2009

Invitations into the Mail

I mailed off a bunch of invitations into the mail today. So, they should begin arriving late this week or early next week, as you never know with the mail system. According to the list of bridal things to do, things are falling into place. So, I am very happy about that!I am looking forward to seeing the return envelopes return.

Sunday, May 03, 2009

Trying to Kick this DAMN Cold!

Two days home sick, and lots of rest with early bed times, and relaxing this entire weekend...I think I am finally almost over this cold. I guess being run down has made it more difficult to get rid of this thing. But, hopefully it is gone because I have my new semester at SFU starting on Tuesday night. Thankfully, this class is only 4 hrs a week instead of 5 hours. But, still there is going to be a lot happening this term. Phew...makes me exhuasted just thinking about it. However, to help get things going in the right direction. I have eight boxes of stuff packed and ready to go. My goal was to have my china cabinent emptied. It almost is. However, I have to go buy some of that special newspaper packing paper that will help keep things safe when I move them. SO, things are moving along. I will be living amongst boxes, but that is the best thing to do considering the circumstances.
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