Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Getting Ready for BIG Move..

Time seems to go by so fast these days, as there is always something to do. This weekend was no exception as Andrei and I began to get ready for the Big Move. We bought some furniture this weekend for our new house. We now have a fully furnished house. We were able to acquire a kitchen table, sofa and love seat, and leather sofa at incredible prices. Can't wait to see it all set up. We then did our big trip to Home Depot to get the paint for our house. We bought lots of it, so I think we will have more than enough. We are planning on painting the entire house from top to bottom. It will clean it up, and allow us to start from scratch. A lot of work... but this is our chance to do that. I also bought Andrei's wedding band this weekend. I am very excited about it. I picked it out for Andrei, but got his approval first. Then the next few days of the long weekend were spent packing up my house. It is full of boxes now, as I get ready for the move. I have trimmed down my scrapbooking supplies, as hard as that was to do. So, I only have the bare essentials to finish off the last of the wedding projects and then I can pack all of that up. It is going to be hard to not have it set up for awhile. But, I guess I will manage. Andrei and I also stopped by our house to admire it, and talk about some of the things that will eventually need to be done on the outside. (We aren't excited about it our anything are we...) There will be a lot happening in the next little while. But, a supportive fiancee and family will be the best solution to managing all the changes.

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nscropper said...

It's getting closer ... so exciting. SOunds like everything is coming along smoothly. :)

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