Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Shower Gift Ideas....

So, there is a rumour out there.... friends and family are looking for shower gift ideas. I am going to try and go to The Bay tomorrow night to add the linens now to our gift registry so that should help a little and some towels and things that we would like for the kitchen. But, here are some things that I thought of tonight.

Acrylic Wine Glasses for Outside Entertaining.
Acylic Margarita Glasses for Outside Entertaining
Black Place Mats (need to be wipeable so that they do not need to be laundered all the time.)
Wooden Hangers from Ikea (the darker colour brown ones)
Metal Mesh Tray for kitchen fork knife and spoon drawer (Canadian Tire)
Silicone Oven Mitts (Blue)
Bedroom Pillows for Sleeping (Costco)
Solar Power Lights for Outside (Silver Coloured)
Home Word (See picture--doesn't have to look exactly like this...

T-Fal Frying Pans - Any size as long as they have that orange circle on the bottom.
Angel Food Cake Tray
Welcome Mat for the Front Door
Garden Hose
Nozzle for the Garden Hose

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