Sunday, May 03, 2009

Trying to Kick this DAMN Cold!

Two days home sick, and lots of rest with early bed times, and relaxing this entire weekend...I think I am finally almost over this cold. I guess being run down has made it more difficult to get rid of this thing. But, hopefully it is gone because I have my new semester at SFU starting on Tuesday night. Thankfully, this class is only 4 hrs a week instead of 5 hours. But, still there is going to be a lot happening this term. Phew...makes me exhuasted just thinking about it. However, to help get things going in the right direction. I have eight boxes of stuff packed and ready to go. My goal was to have my china cabinent emptied. It almost is. However, I have to go buy some of that special newspaper packing paper that will help keep things safe when I move them. SO, things are moving along. I will be living amongst boxes, but that is the best thing to do considering the circumstances.

1 comment:

nscropper said...

hope you are feeling better ... i hate colds .. they always drag a person down.
Moving ... yuck. LOL so much work, but you are doing the right thing by starting early. :)

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