Saturday, May 30, 2009

Oh Dear... It's Report Card Time.

I can't believe that in two days it will be June 1st. When I first started this school year, in the back of my mind I was thinking wow when this year ends.... my wedding will be awfully close to arriving. It seemed so far away, but now as I prepare to move, begin winding down in the classroom, and write report cards. It is a fact the year is almost over. I have had a wonderful group of students this year. I feel very fortunate for that considering the "busyness" this year has brought. But, in a very short time the year will be over. However, before that comes to a head...I have this year's report cards to write. It feels a little earlier than normal. But, I am doing this to try and balance all the crazyness that will be happening in the next couple of weeks. The move in particular. So, the more I can get done now the better. There will be holes here and there that I will have to fix up, but I don't mind doing that! It is about getting the content done, and all my marking completed.

This helped me stay focussed last I think I will do the same. I know these aren't the most exciting blog posts. But, the blog is for me, and since this helps me chunk everything so it is manageable that is why I am doing it.


- Opening Comment
- Student Behaviour
- Ways to support learning
- Physical Education
- Social Responsibility
- Fine Arts
- Social Studies
- Science

- Borg and Gall
- Alyssa Reading
- Quick Reread of Franks Lesson

- Group Project Meeting Skype and Type (8:30am)

- Opening Comment
- Student Behaviour
- Ways to support learning
- Physical Education
- Career and Personal Planning
- Fine Arts

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nscropper said...

WOW ... that is quite the list of goals ... good luck. :)
Try to find some time for "you" in there.

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