Thursday, July 31, 2008

A New Direction for Julie!

Well, I have waited to make sure Julie has contacted everyone before sharing her big news here on my blog. Being the proud Big Sista that I am, I just had to share her exciting news. Julie finally got accepted to her life long dream. She is leaving for the next step in her career on Sunday at 9:00am. She has been packing all the clothes and items that she will need for the next six months in Saskatchewan.(Most of them being fall and winter months.) I am sure when she comes back, she is going to have a new appreciation for the wonderful mild Vancouver winters we have!

I am going to miss not having her around here to spend time with, and be my fashion consultant or cordinator. So, in the past week and half, I have been trying to complete my final design project, as well as spend as much possible quality time with my Lil'sista. She is going to grow so much from this opportunity, and it has been a life long dream to join.

Today was her swearing in ceremony. Here are a couple of pictures. One with Julie and her proud parents. And one of me and Julie. The proud Big Sista!

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Fell off Wagon for few moments!

Well, I fell off the wagon this past weekend. When I went and visited a new stamping and scrapbook story in Port Moody called Cherish. It is an adorable little story with friendly service, and lots of supplies that I have never seen in a regular store. The first one being these rollergraph stamps. I thought they were exclusive to Stampin Up, the Tupperware Party version of rubber stamping. So, I was unable to get these anywhere. Until now! But, then I saw them. I couldn't resist. Andrei was there with me, as this visit was unexpected, and he encouraged me to get them. So, I did. It's all his fault! Teeheee! I was hoping I could right them off as a wedding expense, but it doesn't look like it at this point. There is stil hope yet!

However, while working on my final project, I have been taking little play breaks in my scraproom. I am still in the process of reorganizing! Yes, AGAIN! Some supplies just aren't in a convient place, and they cause me to not put them away properly, and the mess gets overwhelming. I can see the floor now, and some of my counter, so it is coming. The biggest mess was all the scraps left over from the card boxes that I have made. So, I took all those supplies, and turned them into card kits. These will be easy to access when I only have 15 minutes, here and there to play. I also completed a card, and my Twinchies for the black and white swap I am hosting. All the supplies used for the card, and the twinchies, were scraps. It is amazing what you can create when I am forcing myself to look at my existing tools in new ways!

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Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Little Purse Tutorial

Post it Note Holder Tutorial

Variation of the Card Box Tutorial

Monday, July 21, 2008

Scrap Purchase Summer Ban!!!

Well, any of you who have been over to my house know the wonderful scrap space that I have to create and play with. Well, it has recently become quite full, and I seem to be bursting at the seems with supplies. So, with that in mind, I have decided to put a ban on all scrap purchases until the end of the summer. I have decided to just play with the many goodies, tools, and products that I have and just explore and create. I took this pledge last week, and so far I have been really good. I have been looking at techniques and ideas for inspiration, and then I started creating. Since that pledge, I have made my Oma's card box that you see posted below, the coresponding cards and decorative envelopes. I also made my Oma a birthday card, which I forgot to take a photograph to post here, and I have also made two anniversary cards and four birthday cards.

Yes, you will notice by the times of my posts that I have reccently become a night owl. It is crazy, I know. But, coming and playing in my craft room, is a way for my brain to relax after programming with Flash. It takes my mind off of the project, so that I can go to bed and have a real rest.

I thought I would keep track here of all the projects that I have made during this scrap purchase ban, so that I can see the fruits of this difficult goal.

Friday, July 18, 2008

Gift Card Project

Well, I think I am safe posting this project, so late in the evening. It is a birthday present for my Oma tomorrow. We are having a 90th Birthday dinner at the Sherton in Surrey. I hope she likes it. It is actually in the colours of the theme of her birthday. The colours used for this project were the same colours used for her invitations. I hope you like.

Flashing Through My Class,,,,

Yes, that's right I am Flashing. Flashing through an assignment that is. My current Master's program has me working on a final design project. I am using Adobe Flash to design a project for my class.

I have been spending hours working on this project, and I feel at times that I am getting no where. I didn't go to bed until 3:30 after working on it, and then I woke up at 9:30, and I have been working on it since then! Phew! Are you exhausted yet. Well, that is the life of a student I guess. The assignment is due in 13 days, but I am going to need a big chunk of time in those 13 days to get it all completed.

Hopefully once it is working, I will find a way to get it up and running on the web so I can link to it to give everyone a chance to have a look at this thing. It is going to be pretty neat to use. But at times it feels like I am never getting there!

Sunday, July 13, 2008

Gorgeous Deck and Great Bargains Too!

Phew. I have been on the go since I woke up at 9:30 this morning. I had a lot of errands to do today. But, it all started with my trip last night to the Superstore. I had dinner with Mom and Dad, and Mom suggested we should go and check out the half price summer stuff. I thought sure why not. Afterall, that is where I found my sun deck chairs and small table when I first moved to my place. I didn't anticipate finding anything, but it is always fun to go and look. Well, I fell in love with this little water fountain. It was on sale as part of there summer clearance. However, there were no boxed ones left. So, I ended up asking the customer sercice if they had anymore in stock. But, they didn' unfortunately. So, they said that I could have the store model for half price. I thought that was fair. But, then I went to the cashier and I got half price of the half price. It was a EXTREMELY good deal. I was very excited! The first thing that came to my mind and my Mom's as well, was that Ikea commercial where the girl comes running out calling "Start the Car" "Honey, Start the Car". I had a very good laugh anyways.

That leads to all my errands today. I needed to scrub down my deck, as I had not cleaned it this year yet. That took a good two hours, and then I had to find a cute place for the fountain. Well, I found it, but then I needed an electrical cord. I also had to find a place for the big flower pot I had a flower in it that died. So, anyways, I took that to Mom and Dad's. Then I stopped at Canadian Tire to look for some flowers for my sun deck for my smaller pot. Well, I settled for a hanging basket that was marked 19.99. The sign said 50% off. But, when I got to the till it was 50% off the 50% off. So, I got home, and set up the fountain and the flowers in the flower pot, and now my deck is complete. It looks fabulous. However, I have't done a stitch of homework, and the inside of my house needs work, so I better get back to work.

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Candy Card Book

Candy Maker

Nugest Purse

Valentine Nerd Box

Post it Note Video

Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Card Making

I am still enjoying my summer holidays. It feels good to have some good nights of sleep behind me. This wasn't always the case in the last month of school while juggling work, school, and life. I am enjoying the heat wave, and have had lots of opportunity go get outside and enjoy the weather. However, it is the nights that are the worst here in my apartment! It is hot hot hot, (I think that is how the song goes). It is very difficult to sleep!

Today, I took a day off from homework. However, until the end of July I don't think I will have many of those days to take off. But, I did put the time to good use! No, I didn't clean up my scraproom like I intended. I played in my scraproom instead. I had so many part projects on the fo, that I thought it would be best to finish those up and then start the clean up process. It is coming along, and I have been doing a bit of organizing as I go too! Got keep finding room for all the goodies I acquire.

However, I am now on the NO BUYING anything scrap realted for a while. The closing of the local scrapbook store Remember Me Scrapbooking will be a big help with this. I found out about a week and a half, that my favorite scrapbooking store is closing forever. To be honest, I had a feeling that this was coming. The service hadn't been like it was originally was for quite some time. The product that they were carrying was not as new and up with the latest trends either. Well, it turns out the owner has been battling breast cancer. She is regrouping, and focussing on what is importatant her family. There still is Micheals and another local scrapbook store that I could visit in a pinch. But, for now I am just going to play with the goodies I have, and as many of you know. There are a lot of them!

Through the Canadian Scrap and Swap, I participated in a Stamp Image swap. This was a fantastic idea because I was able to acquire some stamp images without spending a ton of money on stamps. However, storage of all the swap items that I have obtained is getting quite challenging as well, so I am now trying to use some of these goodies with the cards that I am making. It is a good way to use them.

Here are four cards that I made using one of the images from the image swap. I also made four other cards that are the exact same. I was also working on that card box project that I posted on my blog a month or so ago. It is coming a long quite nicely. I think I am going to give as a birthday present, as there are quite a few upcoming birthdays in the next little while. Now, that I made one the rest will be simple.

Here are the cards that I made:

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