Monday, July 21, 2008

Scrap Purchase Summer Ban!!!

Well, any of you who have been over to my house know the wonderful scrap space that I have to create and play with. Well, it has recently become quite full, and I seem to be bursting at the seems with supplies. So, with that in mind, I have decided to put a ban on all scrap purchases until the end of the summer. I have decided to just play with the many goodies, tools, and products that I have and just explore and create. I took this pledge last week, and so far I have been really good. I have been looking at techniques and ideas for inspiration, and then I started creating. Since that pledge, I have made my Oma's card box that you see posted below, the coresponding cards and decorative envelopes. I also made my Oma a birthday card, which I forgot to take a photograph to post here, and I have also made two anniversary cards and four birthday cards.

Yes, you will notice by the times of my posts that I have reccently become a night owl. It is crazy, I know. But, coming and playing in my craft room, is a way for my brain to relax after programming with Flash. It takes my mind off of the project, so that I can go to bed and have a real rest.

I thought I would keep track here of all the projects that I have made during this scrap purchase ban, so that I can see the fruits of this difficult goal.

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Anonymous said...

Wow! Great idea. Your cards and gift for Oma are beautiful. What a great way to unwind. I'm enjoying "visiting" with you through your blog. Sounds like life is hectic but well-balanced. Good for you!
Karen H-K

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